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Kirau was a pirate from Tattanogi, an island in The Bowl region of the Wushanko Isles.[1] He was also a friend and informant of the former Death Lotus assassin Ling.[2] He is described by Ling as someone who knows everything, even appearing to have something of a soothsayer about him.[3] Kirau helped Ling locate multiple of her targets, but after he was blackmailed by Quin into setting up a trap for Ling, the assassin killed him.

History[edit | edit source]

After Ling failed her assignment to assassinate Quin, she was expelled from the Death Lotus and had one of her hands cut off as punishment. She was about to have her other hand cut off, but she escaped and threw herself into the sea. Her unconscious body was picked up by the merchant ship Kirau was on.[4]

Some time later, Kirau provided her with information about the khan of Thalassia's slavery ring. Ling killed the khan, but this event revealed her to be alive to the Death Lotus. Wu was sent to capture Ling and bring her home. Kirau located him on The Island that Reflects the Moon. Ling went there and decapitated him.[5]

Ling's next target was the leader of the Death Lotus, Baby Tooth. Kirau reported that Baby Tooth was staying at the training camps in Tokoko.[6] Ling headed there to kill him and stop the Death Lotus from chasing after her. She entered Baby Tooth's room and triggered a trap which caused an explosion that threw her clear of the building, leaving her unconscious. The portmaster's crew held off the assassins and carried her to the ship.[7] Later, she visited Kirau, whom she suspected of having betrayed her. She found him sat, cross-legged in his chambers, waiting for her. He confessed: Quin had threatened Kirau with killing his family and friends if he did not set up a trap for Ling.[8] Ling stabbed Kirau in the heart and buried him according to his customs.[9][10]

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

After his death, Kirau's pirates started killing Quin's sea monsters, blaming her for his death. They tried to keep Quin isolated on her island home, Paradise. Ling confessed to them that it was her who killed Kirau.[11] His crew and family forgave her and joined her in her fight against Quin.[12][13][1]

References[edit | edit source]

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