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Kings and Queens is a book obtained while skilling at the Croesus Front nodes.

Finding and reading this book as well as A Life in Colour, The Massacrer of Moles, and The Great Beast completes the achievement Heroes of the Graveyard which is a requirement for the master quest cape.

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Transcript[edit | edit source]

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Kings and Queens

Of the legendary hunter, Vendi, you can say only one thing: they know what they are doing. Across the Empire there are many hunters of varying skill. At the top of that ladder sits Vendi. Quiet, unassuming, gentle Vendi. Their traps always seem full and there is no prey that they cannot capture. They only had one job they would never accept. Only one.

As with most things in the city, it was the Church who made Vendi break their one and only rule. Not because they forced or threatened them, but because the reach of the Church overextended itself and meddled where it should never meddle. The Church had many wonderous collections to its name. None surpassed their collection of historic relics. Their fossil collections were unrivalled and their menagerie a wonder to behold. They were just missing one last piece and they desired it beyond all reason. A dagannoth, the one thing Vendi refused to hunt.

While Vendi had refused them, the Church found other hunters more willing to make the mistake. Those hunters found a dagannoth, but lacked the facilities to properly contain it and released it into the nearby wilds. The Church's short-sighted actions soon revealed their folly, as the number of sightings of dagannoth grew more numerous by the day. Fearing that they had released a Dagannoth Mother, they returned to Vendi to ask them again for their help. With a Dagannoth Mother likely on the loose, Vendi had little choice but to track it down. It did not take long, a mere two days, because the sightings were so numerous. Vendi found hundreds of dagannoth swarming the caves along the shore, dangerously close to civilisation. Naturally, the Church wanted to crush them - to destroy the dagannoth threat with overwhelming military force. But Vendi was a hunter, not a slayer, and could not abide such an action. They pleaded with the C to let them hunt the creature and relocate it somewhere far away. Knowing the value of Vendi's skills, the Church granted them three days in which to get rid of the dagannoth, before it sent its military in full force. Vendi agreed.

Vendi scouted the caverns and soon located the Mother. Alas, she was not alone. As well as the multitude of smaller dagannoth, the Mother was guarded by a single Dagannoth Rex - more than enough to slaughter countless soldiers and a sufficient obstacle to Vendi's success. Vendi's options dwindled before them and they resigned themselves to what had to come.

The first two days Vendi spent crafting a box trap of great size and stability. Big enough and strong enough to capture even a Dagannoth Mother and complex enough that she would be unable to break out of it. It took substantial effort, but they were almost set. With a heavy heart Vendi moved onto the next task. They took a large slab of meat and very carefully laced it with poisonous herbs. Finally they disguised their scent with mud and herbs and they snuck into the Dagannoth Mother's cave. There, they carefully erected the box trap behind the Mother and then, taking a deep breath, withdrew from the shadows and made themselves known.

The Rex, unsurprisingly, was the first to act, ever protective of the mother. The Rex charged at Vendi, ready to cut them to ribbons, but Vendi hurled the poisoned meat in the beast's path. Without hesitation the Rex consumed the meat in a single violent bite and then continued in its path towards Vendi. The Rex sliced and bit at Vendi and tore their chest, arm and face with its powerful claws. But the poison soon took hold and just as the beast was ready to deliver a killing blow, it collapsed - dead. This enraged the Mother, who immediately charged at Vendi. But Vendi was prepared, and at the last second leapt out of the way of the charging Mother, so she crashed straight into the box trap - sealing her fate. Vendi was weak, injured, and filled with regret for the loss of the Dagannoth Rex's life, but they patched themselves up with medicinal herbs and began the arduous task of rehoming the Mother.

Days later, they released the Mother far away from the great city of Senntisten and watched as she disappeared beneath the waves, away from harm. Vendi smiled, allowing themselves a brief moment of joy before they began the return home.

When they arrived it was to thunderous applause. The streets lined with people cheering their name. 'Vendi! Vendi! Vendi!' the people cried. The cheers brought the Church officials to find a confused Vendi greet them as a hero. The Church had arrived after the three days they had assigned Vendi for the task, and found only the Dagannoth Rex lying dead. The Church had assumed Vendi had been slain in the task, but here they were - alive and triumphant. As was customary, the Church gave Vendi a place in the hero district of the graveyard, resting near the remains of the Dagannoth Rex that they had killed. The Church bestowed upon Vendi the title 'The Destroyer of the Dagannoth' and this moniker would forever seal their legend.

Vendi was graceful in victory, but even to their last breath they regretted the sad fate of the Dagannoth Rex and wondered if it would forgive them in the afterlife.

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