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For the Kingdom Management activity, see Managing Miscellania.
For the music track, see Kingdom (music track).

A Kingdom is an often seen form of government in the many regions on Gielinor, where a King or Queen, or similar title such as Pharaoh, rules the region. These regions are generally inhabited and ruled by one of the several races of RuneScape.

Gielinor[edit | edit source]

Human controlled kingdoms[edit | edit source]

Falador, the capital of Asgarnia.

Kingdoms controlled by other species/races[edit | edit source]

The monkey-inhabited kingdom of Ape Atoll.

Other Planes[edit | edit source]

  • Fisher Realm - the Fisher Realm is a human kingdom which was ruled by Fisher King, who was succeeded by Sir Percival following his death.
  • Zanaris - a bizarre kingdom on RuneScape's moon, Zanaris is home to the fairies, who control the weather of RuneScape, and said to be the nexus of all planes. It is the hub of the fairy ring network and largely disobeys the laws of physics and logic. After being deposed for a short time by the Fairy Godfather and his mafia, the Fairy Queen once again rules Zanaris.
  • Land of Sunlight and the Land of Holly - the Land of Sunlight is ruled by the Queen of Sun, inadvertently created by Guthix to ensure the balance of hot and cold weather. 
  • Land of Snow and the Land of Hawthorn - the Land of Snow is ruled by the Queen of Snow, inadvertently created by Guthix to ensure the balance of hot and cold weather. 
  • Britain - a location formerly ruled by King Arthur, until he travelled to RuneScape nearly two score years ago