King of the Desert

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King of the Desert is a music track that is unlocked while fighting the Kalphite King. This song is evidently made up by the two songs Agents of Keli (First part) and The Chozan One (Last part).

Analysis[edit | edit source]

This music track has an initial tempo of 135, and it is maintained throughout the first part of the song, but then it jumps to a tempo of 150 on the last part of this track. It is in the key of Eb/D# Minor.

It starts off with the Bass Drums booming while the Timpani instrument rolls in the background. Then after some time, a guitar comes in and plays some high notes and drags them on a bit longer. Then suddenly the Timpani instrument stops rolling, and the booming Bass Drums come to a stop as well. Then the Ethnic Percussion comes in. The low strings start playing. Suddenly and intensely, some strings and a guitar both start to play the same melody heard in Agents of Keli, but it's louder and more apparent in this song. A loud and screeching Sitar sound can be heard towards the end of the first part, and then the second part comes in, and it uses various Brass instruments, like in The Chozan One.

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