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King Ulthas Ardignas was the third king of Kandarin and the heir of Mad King Narras.[1] He was the father of King Lathas and King Tyras.

When King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table arrived to Gielinor from Britain in 132 V, they found that he required a castle or fortress to call his own. One such castle was found east of Seers' Village, but at the time it was owned by Lord Sinclair and his children, who were all very young at the time. King Ulthas and Lord Sinclair decided that King Arthur's need of the castle was greater than the Sinclair family's, and so Lord Sinclair and his family left the castle and moved to a mansion he built to the north (much to his children's displeasure).[2] King Arthur claimed the castle and renamed it to Camelot.[3]

King Ulthas declared that his kingdom be split between Lathas and Tyras after his death, including the division of its capital Ardougne. Ulthas was killed in a hunting accident in the surrounding forests in 136, after which his two sons each ascended to their half-thrones.[4]

Lathas, however, was unable to tolerate what he viewed as the expulsion of the Sinclairs in favour of King Arthur and was dismayed at being denied his birthright by having to share the throne with his younger brother Tyras. As a result, he vowed to re-unite Ulthas's kingdom under his own reign and allied with the elven Iorwerth Clan to do so.[5]

Family[edit | edit source]

Unknown †

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ulthas's name may be a reference to Uther Pendragon, father of King Arthur.
  • His death is similar to that of King William Rufus who was killed by a stray arrow whilst out hunting.
  • Ulthas's story has a striking resemblance to A Song of Ice and Fire. King Ulthas's predecessor, King Narras (Aerys Targaryen), was a mad king who killed innocents. King Ulthas (Robert Baratheon), King Narras's successor, was killed in a hunting accident and his heir was controversial. 
Predecessor Title Successor
King Narras King of Kandarin King Lathas and King Tyras

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ According to The Times of Lathas, Lathas is the fifth Ardignas king. We do not know if it considers Tyras a legitimate king, because it explicitly says that Lathas is "the current king" and we do not know if it was written after Tyras's death (as Making History does not require Regicide, during which Lathas dies). Therefore, we do not know if it considers Ulthas to be the third or fourth Ardignas king. To verify that Ulthas is the third king, we must trace the whole Ardignas line. Since the first Ardignas king is Lathas's great grandfather (see Making History) and we know that Ulthas is Lathas's father, Narras, the only other former Ardignas king we know, must be Lathas's grandfather and therefore the second Ardignas king. The third king must be Lathas's father, that is, Ulthas.
  2. ^ Gossip, "King's Ransom", RuneScape. "[...] when King Arthur and his knights appeared, old Lord Sinclair agreed with King Ulthas that the knights had greater need for the castle than the Sinclair family. So, Lord Sinclair had the mansion built, packed his family up and vacated."
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