King Jatizso

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King Jatizso was the founder of Jatizso, a small Fremennik settlement in the Fremennik Isles archipelago. Jatizso and his brother, King Neitiznot, were banished from their home kingdom by their father for their constant arguing, and both eventually established their own cities, where they continued to wage war against one another.

Family tree[edit | edit source]

Older sons
Gjuki Sorvott I
Gjuki Sorvott II
Gjuki Sorvott III
Mawnis Burowgar's father
Gjuki Sorvott IV
Mrs Burowgar †
Mawnis Burowgar
Nial Swiftfling
Older son(s)
Youngest son †
Predecessor Title Successor
Position created Leader of Jatizso King Gjuki Sorvott I