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King Gjuki Sorvott IV, or simply known as King Sorvott, is the current ruler of the Fremennik island settlement of Jatizso. King Gjuki is the fifth king of the island and the fourth in the Sorvott line. His name used by field operatives is Big Daddy.[1]

King Sorvott plays a large role in The Fremennik Isles quest, which deals with his rivalry with the neighbouring nation of Neitiznot.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Sorvott, since succeeding his father, King Gjuki Sorvott III, has received incredibly poor public reception, his people largely attempting to flee Jatizso for the city of Rellekka in the mainland Fremennik Province. He has become engaged in two wars: the War of the Fremennik Isles and the Fremennik - Ice Troll War. He is arrogant and paranoid, caring more about defeating his cousin Mawnis Burowgar than being a wise ruler.[2][3] He makes use of a vast spy network, having agents in Neitiznot and Al Kharid.[4][5]

His penchant for increasing tax and inventing new taxes to sponsor the futile wars against the ice trolls to the north and Neitiznot to the west led to the gross mismanagement of his nation's economy and a state of near-permanent bankruptcy. As a result, poverty and widespread unhappiness are rampant among his subjects.[6][3][7] He views his subjects as a source of income, considering it to be their duty to fund his projects.[8][9]

He has a low opinion of his cousin and ruler of Neitiznot, Mawnis Burowgar, frequently referring to him in belittling terms.[10][11] He is convinced that his cousin is a tyrant whose every action is made to undermine him.[12][13]

Due to the rise of the ice trolls, he reluctantly agreed to a truce between the Fremennik Isles, but before long he hired an adventurer who had been granted a Fremennik name, employing them to spy on his cousin and find out their plans. He also ordered the adventurer to act as a tax collector, taxing his citizens further based on their windows and facial hair. When he learned that the adventurer had also been helping his cousin prepare for the final push to defeat the Ice Troll King, he had them arrested, accusing them of aiding Neitiznot's attempts to conquer Jatizso. The adventurer, by this point fed up of the king's arrogance and stubbornness, snapped, stating that if anybody was going to destroy Jatizso, it was him, and that the army of Neitiznot were fighting to repel the ice troll threat. The king immediately had his soldiers amassed and launched an attack upon the ice trolls himself, convinced that his cousin only wanted the glory of slaying the king. He refused to consider supporting his cousin and had a decree issued stating that any interference would constitute an act of war. However, he and his soldiers failed to slay the Ice Troll King, as the adventurer acting under Mawnis Burowgar slew the troll.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Although he does not wear an Catspeak amulet, he seems to still understand his cat Hrafn.
  • Sorvott's family name could be a pun from words "So what".
Predecessor Title Successor
King Gjuki Sorvott III King of Jatizso Incumbent

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