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"Warlord" redirects here. For the items won from Treasure Hunter, see warlord outfit.
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The Khazard warlord is the final boss of the Tree Gnome Village quest. Being a melee fighter, the warlord is vulnerable to magic. He is weakest to air spells, so it is advisable to bring an air staff and use the best air spell available (at least Air Blast is recommended). It may also prove helpful to stun or bind him, or attack him from a safespot.

The Khazard Warlord led the charge when General Khazard ordered his men to invade the Tree Gnome Village. When the player found the first orb, and returned it to King Bolren, Bolren informs the player that the Warlord and his troops came in and killed gnome women (among them his wife) and some gnome children, and took the other two orbs. The player then is told to kill him. The then player confronts the warlord, and demands the orbs from him. The Warlord refuses and then attacks the player. When the player kills the warlord, he screeches and evaporates into green mist, the player then searches the warlord's satchel to find the two remaining orbs of protection. The player then needs to bring these back to King Bolren in order to complete the quest.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He has the same examine text as General Khazard. In addition, before the release of the Evolution of Combat, his stats were identical as well.
  • When you defeat the Warlord, you get a message saying that his body evaporated into thin air, and that a screech could be heard. If you return to where you fought him after killing him once, he will re-appear. If you talk to the warlord after completing the quest, your character will say, "I thought I killed you!?" to which the Warlord will respond "Fool, warriors blessed by Khazard don't die, you can't kill that which is already dead. However, I can kill YOU!" and you will battle him once more.