Kharazi tribe

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The Kharazi Tribe is a large and spread-out tribe of humans located in the Kharazi Jungle, in the south of the large island Karamja. During the Legends' Quest, players commune with the Kharazi Tribe in order to gain access to the Legends' Guild, though the task proves much greater when a proud member of the tribe, Gujuo, tells the player that they must exorcise an evil Demon called Nezikchened who has taken to dwelling in their totems.

The members of the Kharazi Tribe meet around these various totems, which are made from a valuable and rare tree called the Yommi Tree, which are grown only in patches of fertile soil in the Kharazi Jungle. In addition to their sacred trees, they regard a small pool of water in the middle of the jungle as holy, and it is worthy of note that they consider the metal gold as blessed, calling it "sun-metal". This attitude toward gold mirrors that of the real-world Aztecs and Incas.

There are only two named members of the Kharazi Tribe in the game of RuneScape, Gujuo, the great warrior of the Tribe who can only be contacted through using the item Bull roarer, and Ungadulu, a shaman who has been infected with the spirit of Nezikchened as well, and must be exorcised by the player. His underground house is the only known settlement of the Kharazi Tribe. Other members of the tribe, named ingame as "Jungle dwellers", are found all over the jungle.