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Concept art of characters in the Arc, including concept art for several Khans

A Khan is a leader of one of the islands that comprises the Wushanko Isles. Most islands in the archipelago have a Khan, but only a few of these are currently named.

Khans take power in several ways; they can be either seasoned seafarers, be voted in by their fellow people, take the position by force or are put into power after the previous one is disposed. Once settled, khans enjoy near-absolute diplomatic immunity, enjoying a luxurious life and are protected by both their own and nearby khans' armies. However, if the khan engages in open warfare, the other khans in that region will band together to ensure the region's safety.[1]

Known Khans[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ The Black Marketeer, "Player Owned Ports", RuneScape. "The khans who rule the Wushanko Islands are chosen, mostly, for their skills on a ship. Some men an women don't believe that's a just enough reason to rule. If your island is ruled by a cruel khan, the others won't intervene. They'll let him operate as he wishes, unless he engages in open warfare. Only then will the other khans step in...and then the ocean boils."