Strategies for Kerapac, the bound

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This article is a strategy guide for Kerapac, the bound.
Information on mechanics, setups, and tactics is on this page. For the hard mode strategy guide, see here.

Recommended levels and equipment[edit | edit source]

Level recommendations
Style All Large.png
It is recommended to have at least level 99+ in your chosen combat style (Attack & Strength, Ranged or Magic).
It is recommended to have at least level 99+ Defence.
At least 95 Prayer and ancient curses are highly recommended to improve your damage.
Elder overload potion detail.png
Elder overload potions are recommended at 106 Herblore.
Augmented gear with advanced perks is recommended at 120 Invention.
Equipment recommendations
Zero weakness icon.png
This boss has no particular weakness, so you can use any combat style during this fight.
Drygore longsword detail.png
Use tier 90 weaponry or better
(see recommendations).
Deflect Magic.png
If you deal low damage use protect from magic or deflect magic.
Soul Split.png
If you deal high damage you can use soul split during the entire fight instead of a protection prayer.
Optional boosts
Corrupted slayer helmet chathead.png
This boss counts as a slayer task for 'Nodon dragonkin'. The slayer helmet provides additional damage and accuracy if you are on task.
Cinderbane gloves detail.png
This boss is poisonable, and cinderbane gloves and weapon poisons deal additional damage.
Pontifex shadow ring detail.png
The overcharged Pontifex shadow ring provides a passive effect that prevents the Jumping Slam ability from stunning you.
Hexhunter bow detail.png
The hexhunter bow deals +12.5% ability damage and has a flat +10% hitchance when used against this boss.
Seren godbow detail.png
The Seren godbow's special attack is worth using on this target with Ranged as it is a 3x3 target.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Kerapac is a high-level boss that can be found in the Elder God Wars Dungeon. He is slightly harder than the generals at the Heart of Gielinor, utilising several mechanics that mainly focus on area-of-denial.

Offensively, he has combat stats of 93 with 2765 accuracy for magic. He possesses level 80 Defence with 1924 armour rating, equally weak to all combat styles with an affinity of 55, and is also susceptible to the hexhunter bow. He is not immune to poison, deflect and leech effects. Despite being a Dactyl dragonkin, he counts as a Nodon dragonkin for the purposes of slayer tasks, and thus affected by the bonuses of the slayer helmet.

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • Auto-attacks: Kerapac's auto-attack is a simple magic attack that can be mitigated using any protection prayer or defensive ability.
  • Time-threads: Upon reaching a phase transition, Kerapac will split the timeline and add one Echo of Kerapac to each of his special attacks, which will perform the special in the same position and direction that he did in the previous phase. If he performed the special multiple times in the previous phase, the Echo will use the most recent pattern. In phase 2 there will be one Echo, in phase 3 there will be two.
  • Shatter: Kerapac will yell I'll tear right through you. and raise his staff into the air before slamming it down, stunning the player and sending a rift in time behind the player. This deals one instance of magic damage, before Kerapac starts to siphon from the rift, drawing dangerous energy that inflicts about 5 hits of damage, all of which have 100% accuracy. Getting hit by the start-up or the channelled attacks without any form of stun protection applies a single instance of a 2 second stun and bind to the player. During the duration of this attack, he is rooted in place.
Jumping Slam
  • Jumping Slam: Kerapac will say either You will break beneath me. or I will put you in your place. and fly into the air before diving at the player, dealing melee damage to anyone within 2 spaces of him (covering a 7x7 AoE) that also applies a stun and bind for 3 seconds. Using Freedom or Anticipate beforehand will block the stun, but Kerapac will remove its effects afterwards. Upon impact, the slam deals melee damage, and Kerapac will "root" onto the ground. While rooted, he takes 50% less damage and deals rapid hard melee hits that intensify in strength the longer he remains in this state. Both the slam and "bleed" damage have 100% accuracy. As hard melee damage, Reflect and Debilitate do not reduce damage, but Barricade and the Devoted and Enhanced Devoted perks do. Attempting to use Devotion against this attack will prompt Kerapac to yell Your godly devotion will not help you here, [player]., and remove its effects.
    • Wearing a tier 3 Pontifex shadow ring, made with 1,000 Resonant Jas anima, will remove the stun effect from these slams. The slam damage can be avoided by using Surge, Escape, Bladed Dive or Barge (if not his main target) one to two ticks after Kerapac points the staff towards ground, similarly to dealing with Telos, the Warden's uppercut attack. The player must also have at least three spaces' worth of distance or melee damage will still be incurred. If the attack is successfully dodged, their cooldowns are immediately reset to dodge the next slam.
    • Kerapac's echoes will copy his movements based on the locations from the previous phase(s). If Kerapac is not moved at all (slams on the same spot) for the first slam, no echoes will appear. If he did, then the echoes will follow his previous phase's pattern until they strike a position in which he was kept in place or all three slams were performed, whichever comes first.
    • Perfect-ticking the attack will reset the cooldowns of Surge, Escape and Bladed Dive while also preventing the stun and bind effect from applying as it is the melee hit from the slam that causes them.
Lightning Strike
  • Lightning Strike: Kerapac will yell Witness the power of the Staff. and raise the staff into the air, channeling energy. A wall of lightning will then appear in a random direction. This lightning hits anywhere from 2000-4000 soft typeless damage every tick the player is in its area-of-effect. The lightning has a deceptively large area of effect and cannot be dodged by walking through the visual gaps. It is recommended to use Surge, Escape, or Bladed Dive if possible to avoid these lightning walls, and it is also recommended to target this movement ability far beyond where the wall extends visually.

Phases[edit | edit source]

Kerapac possesses a maximum of 200,000 health, but a total of at least 525,000 damage must be dealt over the fight to defeat him.

Phase Phase start LP Phase end LP Damage required
1 200,000 50,000 150,000
2 200,000 50,000 150,000
3 200,000 50,000 150,000
4 75,000 0 75,000
Total damage required 525,000

He phases when he falls below 50,000 health, at which point he becomes invincible to all damage for a few seconds. The attack rotations are the same for the first three phases:

  • 3 auto-attacks
  • Shatter
  • 3 auto-attacks
  • Jumping Slam
  • 3 auto-attacks
  • Lightning Strike
  • 7 auto-attacks
  • Repeats from Shatter

Even though Kerapac takes no damage during phase transition, using Soul Split during this period will still provide healing.

In group encounters, Kerapac focuses his aggression on the first player that moves west towards him past the halfway point in the arena.

The first special attack Kerapac always uses, Shatter, can be easily avoided by using Anticipation or Freedom and then simply moving away from the green projectiles that emerge from the rift. However, they have very inconsistent hitboxes and can damage players from angles in which they do not visually do so. A more common method is to walk directly underneath Kerapac (who is a 3x3 monster) Flanking can be used during this attack, as he will not turn toward the player if they move behind him or to his side. Alternatively, the player can simply walk under Kerapac to prevent the rift from spawning, but this has to be done before Kerapac slams the staff down after he raises it. His jump slam can either be dodged or tanked; without a tier 3 Pontifex shadow ring or better being worn, each slam will subsequently stun and bind the player for 3 seconds. Using Anticipation or Freedom beforehand without the enhanced ring does prevent the stun, but Kerapac will immediately remove the ability's effects right after. With the ring worn, the slam no longer stuns the player. The first two slams will "root" Kerapac in place, where he can deal rapid hits of 1,500 melee damage in a small radius around him. Kerapac will remain rooted for 45 seconds if the player chooses to tank the entire mechanic, but the high melee damage makes it particularly dangerous, even when factoring in both the normal and enhanced Devotion perks. Kerapac does not root himself after the third slam. To dodge these slams, the player must perfect-tick Surge, Escape or Bladed Dive away, similarly to dealing with Telos, the Warden's uppercut attack. The best time to use these abilities is when Kerapac's wing tips point towards the ceiling. Another helpful visual indicator is to move when Kerapac's staff tip starts to point downwards. Doing so will immediately reset the cooldown of these movement abilities, allowing them to be used again - this also stops the stun and bind from being applied, meaning that players who can perfect-tick these attacks won't need the ring to begin with unless desiring higher troves. Note that occasionally the player might be dragged back to Kerapac; it is unknown if this is a glitch or intentional, but it will consume the refreshed Surge/Escape. Bladed Dive is unaffected by this, and thus it is recommended to bring a Bladed Dive switch for this purpose. Lightning walls should not occur with sufficient DPS; if it does, take note of where it is coming and quickly Surge or Bladed Dive past it. Despite having visible gaps, the entire lightning wall cannot be dodged by simply walking through the gaps.

Mechanics from before are retained, apart from an Echo of Kerapac assisting in the fight and an additional wall of lightning. Warp Time will become available for the player(s) during this phase - it is an Extra Action button toggle, and when used, a ten second period initiates. After these ten seconds expire, the player will "rewind" time, resetting their life points, adrenaline, and prayer points to whatever values they were when Warp Time was initiated in addition to teleporting them to the tile they were on when they activated it. It does not reset cooldown timers such as potions. Clicking the button before the ten seconds are up will teleport the player back to the spot it was used on, but does not restore anything. Therefore, do not click on the button twice. There is about a 30 second cooldown before Warp Time may be used again. Do not use adrenaline-draining abilities on the same tick as Warp Time, as while the ability will reset, it does not restore adrenaline. Instead, wait around a tick after using Warp Time to use abilities like Berserk to regain full adrenaline. As with the previous phase, rift skips are feasible whenever possible, unless an echo is present for this mechanic; attempting to walk underneath Kerapac if an echo is present will cause the rift to spawn in the same location as the previous phase. The rift still takes highest priority for the player, with the echo being second priority if Kerapac cannot summon one at the player. Lightning should not occur with sufficient DPS; if it does, take note of where it is coming and quickly Surge or Bladed Dive past it. Despite having visible gaps, the entire lightning wall cannot be dodged by simply walking in the gaps. Try to Surge or Bladed Dive between two incoming walls if possible; otherwise, Surge one and Bladed Dive the other.

Mechanics from before are retained, apart from an Echo of Kerapac assisting in the fight and an additional wall of lightning. Lightning should not occur with sufficient DPS; if it does, take note of where it is coming and quickly Surge or Bladed Dive past it. Despite having visible gaps, the entire lightning wall cannot be dodged by simply walking in the gaps. Due to the threat of three lightning walls, it is important to have a Bladed Dive switch; while possible to dodge all three one at a time depending on formation, this is not always possible. Try to skip at least two of these walls with one of the abilities, then use the other to dodge the remaining wall. Alternatively, if the player is not confident in their ability to dodge them, head to the centre of the arena, activate Warp Time and use Barricade afterwards to block all damage and regain the adrenaline used from Barricade, or run head-on through the wall with Reflect and Debilitate - use the latter on Kerapac, as hitting him with it reduces the wall's damage.

Kerapac will become enraged and heal 25,000 life points, starting the phase at 75,000 life points. He will begin drawing power from the Staff of Armadyl and gain the buff icon "Kerapac's Fury", starting with a stack of 25. This provides him with a powerful buff; for every 1 stack of Fury, Kerapac deals 1% additional damage and weakens the player's protection against these attacks by 0.25%. Kerapac gains ten of these stacks for every auto-attack he performs, so it is important to subdue him quickly before the attacks become too damaging. Kerapac will accumulate up to 200 stacks (requiring 19 auto-attacks to do so), giving him tripled damage and reducing protection prayers' effectiveness by 50% (causing Protect from Magic/Deflect Magic to reduce his attacks by only 25%, or 30% with an Amulet of Souls or equivalent equipped).