Keorgius Feryis

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Keorgius Feryis was a brother-in-arms loyal to Ivandis Seergaze in the aftermath of the Fourth Age Misthalin - Morytania War. The only known mention of Keorgius is a reference to a document in the book The Sleeping Seven, found in the Paterdomus secret library.

In that document, Keorgius claims that he, along with "[Ivandis'] many other brothers in arms" buried Ivandis in a cavern connected to a large tunnel network beneath Mort Myre Swamp. While there is doubt as to the truth of this, including from the author of The Sleeping Seven, the tomb exists as described.

However, despite the tomb existing, it is later discovered that Ivandis was not buried there. Additionally, in his diary Ivandis states that he was not only present for the ritual that created the barrier of River Salve, but also that he was the sole survivor of it, bringing the authenticity of Keorgius' document into question.