Keldagrim camouflage head

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Keldagrim camouflage head chathead.png

Keldagrim camouflage head is an item that can be made with 3,600 camouflage fragments, previously it could be won from Treasure Hunter. It can be combined with the Prifddinas and desert camouflage head to make the master camouflage head.

When the full set is worn it has the following effects:

  • 5% chance to double pickpocket
  • 5% chance to avoid being stunned when pickpocketing.
  • Increased chance of Ibis clothing and sceptres in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Increased chance of not being hit by snakes in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Increased chance of passing doors in Pyramid Plunder.
  • Offers teleports to thieving locations.
  • Uses Trahaearn exoskeleton set set-effect if owned.
  • Uses Black ibis outfit bonus experience if owned.

Combat stats[edit | edit source]