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Kelda stout is a beer created during Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf quest. To make it, players must acquire four seeds, with which they can grow kelda hops in the farming patch in Keldagrim. Once they have obtained the hops, they must make it into Kelda Stout at the local brewery. They must then give the completed drink to the Drunken Dwarf so that he will give them a witness report. Although there is a "drink" option, the player's character will refuse to drink it, saying that it is "vile and disgusting" and that they need to bring it to the Drunken Dwarf.

Kelda Stout is notorious for its strength. It will knock most dwarves out, even in small doses, and the ingredients used to make it are quite difficult to get. Not even The Laughing Miner Pub, one of the city's most disreputable inns, will sell it, although several years ago they did stock it. Unfortunately, many dwarves became addicted to the drink during its brief period of sale, and some of the less noble dwarves in Keldagrim are willing to pay large amounts of money just to get their hands on some.

Kelda stout is not available at any bar in the game, and it is unlikely that it will ever be readily available to players.

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