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Kegger was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Kegger is part of the NovtumberFest located in the northern part of the crater. It is led by Jonas. Participating in this attractions gives the player Agility experience.

To get score and experience in Kegger, the player must click on the different taps to pour and slide a beer to the oncoming patrons: dwarves, humans, and elves. The patrons come in different speeds and therefore some lanes must be prioritised before others. The player starts off with 100 points which will go down if a beer isn't slid in time or a beer is slid without any patrons being at the lane. Only one drink can slide along each bench per click.

There is a maximum score of 1,000, but the player can continue playing for additional Agility experience. Higher scores will gradually increase the amount of experience given per patron served: At level 99 agility 6.5 experience is gained for each successful serving, and this increases to 9.7 at 101 score, to 13 at 251 score, to 19.5 at 501 score, and to 26 at 1,000 score. In addition to the improved experience per serving, experience is also gained at a much quicker rate due to the activity getting more hectic.

If there is a patron that hasn't been served, they will grab the drink and the player will be granted experience in Agility. Otherwise, the drink will topple over and fall to the ground, resulting in no experience being gained. You will begin with a full meter of 100 points. If you throw one too many drinks down a bench, you will lose 30 points. You will also lose 30 points if a patron makes it to the player. Successfully handing a drink to a patron after you have lost points will add 5 points per patron to your meter. If your meter falls to 0, the activity will end.

Dwarves will first emerge from the tents, and are relatively slow, taking about 12 seconds to reach the taps. The humans are double as fast as the dwarves, and appear from the beginning of the activity with the dwarves, taking approximately 6 seconds to reach the taps. Lastly, the elves start appearing more and more often after the player has accumulated a 200 score. The elves reach the tap in only about 1.8 seconds.

If you have the shadow touched training items from the Sliske's Endgame quest, it is recommended to remove them before starting the activity, otherwise manifest knowledge can spawn over one of the taps. Should this happen, you will not be able to collect the knowledge and you will be forced to right-click the keg in order to continue serving drinks.

Followers must be dismissed before starting this activity; attempting to play with one prompts the message: You must dismiss your follower before starting this activity!

There is a confirmation prompt about gaining experience before starting this activity that can be toggled off permanently.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kegger is similar to a real game played at Oktoberfest called Gelande Quaffing.