Keg of beer (The Fremennik Trials)

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A keg of beer is found in the Rellekka Hall during The Fremennik Trials. Unlike the normal keg of beer, it does not have a drink option. The keg is used to challenge Manni the Reveller to a drinking contest, although with this keg, you will always lose. To get his vote in the quest, you need to switch out this keg with a low alcohol keg.

Players cannot have more than one keg at a time (either in their inventory or bank). Trying to take a second keg (either from the ground of from the table) results in a chat message reading "You already have a keg of beer."

After winning the drinking competition, it is impossible to obtain the keg. Trying to take it from the table results in Manni saying that he does not take kindly to people stealing his beer. Trying to cast Telekinetic Grab on the keg results in a chat message reading "I can't use Telekinetic Grab on this object." It may be possible to use the drop trick to have a keg after the competition by dropping a keg, taking another one and winning the competition with it, then picking the original keg back up.

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