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The Keep.

The keep is the central structure of a Clan Citadel. In it, clan members can hold meetings and celebrations in a large senate room surrounding a central podium.

Party Room[edit | edit source]

From tier three and above, a party room can be found in the keep. There is a dancefloor, places to sit, and a lever which will drop balloons (with party items such as fireworks and confetti). Unlike the Party Room in Falador, it cannot be used for drop parties.

Meeting Rooms[edit | edit source]

The Town Square.
A tier 7 clan keep.

There are four meeting rooms inside a citadel:

  • A large tent in the welcome area
  • Two small meeting rooms next to the party room
  • A senate on the ground floor of the keep

10 visitors can enter the small meeting rooms and tents. Meetings can be set to public or private; public meetings allow any clanmate to enter and talk, while private areas restrict access.

The first member to set up the private meeting will be able to decide which ranks enter, although they may not restrict access to those with higher ranks then themselves. There is also a ballot box where clan members may vote. If all clan members leave, the meeting will end.

The player who started the meeting may invite others to it, using the master invitation which expires after 15 minutes. To invite them, use the master invitation on them, and they will receive a meeting invitation, used to access the meeting. While any number of players may be invited to the meeting, only ten may be inside at any given time. These players do not have to be members of the clan, but they must have membership.

The senate is a place for big public meetings, with rows of benches and a podium for a speaker. Players may come and go as they wish.

Other[edit | edit source]

Keep when dilapidated.

The Head Guard resides inside the keep, near the doors, and offers players access to their bank. There may also be a prayer altar located in the same room as him.

Costs[edit | edit source]

Tier Upkeep Upgrade
Timber Stone Metal bars Precious bars Cloth Rations Timber Stone Metal bars Precious bars Cloth Rations
1 300
2 720 12240
3 595 510 18200 15600
4 338 300 300 18550 15900 15900
5 360 331 317 144 30000 27500 25000 12000
6 494 299 338 273 442 60000 35000 40000 30000 50000
7 560 80 320 400 600 600 123200 17920 72800 89600 134400 134400