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Lady Katrine Raven is the founder of the Black Arm Gang, one of the two criminal gangs in Varrock. She used to be a member of the Phoenix Gang, but due to infighting and the breaking of the legendary shield of Arrav, she and several of her followers split off, forming the Black Arm Gang, taking half of the shield with them.[1] She is reported to be very vicious[2] and organises crimes such as extortion, theft and murder on her gang's behalf.[3] She typically recruits her gang members from watching the local populace in action.[4] She is a master thief, and as such holds one of the master thief's armbands. According to the Varrock Census taken in Year 160, Fifth Age, she is a "Wallet Relocator".

Adventurers seeking the Black Arm Gang can find her at the ganghouse, located directly west of Varrock's southern entrance. In order to join, she demands they steal two Phoenix crossbows in order to frame their rivals the Phoenix Gang for murder. Should they switch their allegiance to the Phoenix Gang and speak to her, she will spit at them for their betrayal, but welcomes them back should they swear allegiance to the gang again. She covets the candlesticks held by ScarFace Pete, calling them a coveted prize for thieves.[5] She declares the adventurer to be a master thief when they obtain the candlestick for her and gives them the master thief's armband.[6]

In the alternate reality of New Varrock, she continues to lead the Black Arm Gang as a zombie. When Zemouregal took over the city, he came to her and demanded her half of the shield, but she refused. The mahjarrat ripped her arm off and beat her to death with it before raising her as an undead.[7] The arm was later stolen by Jonny the beard, which has caused rival gang members to taunt her disability.[8] She is known as Killer Katrine due to her love of homicide.[9] The requirements for joining the gang were increased in the alternate reality, such as killing an entire gnomeball team[10] or stealing the phoenix mascot of the rival Phoenix Gang,[11] though she tasks adventurers to retrieve her stolen arm as their initiation. The zombified version of the gang has several new members, such as Slasher Siegfried, Stabby Stacey, and Lowe.

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 21 January 2013 (Update):
    • Katrine now holds her weapon in her hand, not her wrist.
  • patch 22 November 2011 (Update):
    • Katrine now holds her dagger correctly.

References[edit | edit source]

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