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Katherine is the wife of Clive and the mother of Kimberley. They moved to Witchaven where Kimberley made friends with a local boy, Kennith, who lent her his toy train. She lost it, which enraged Kennith and caused him to enslave the villagers[1] and force Clive and Katherine to mine in Witchaven Dungeon,[2] all in a bid to force the family out of the village.[3] An adventurer, who had previously dealt with sea slug activity in the area previously, infiltrated the mine alongside Ezekial Lovecraft and found the couple. They begged the adventurer to help them, who on Ezekial's urging went to check on Kennith. Kennith had followed them and attacked Kimberley, forcing the adventurer to find and return the lost train. The train calmed Kennith and he relinquished control over the villagers.

Clive and Katherine decided to set up home in the mines, declaring Witchaven to be too child-unfriendly.[4] Should the player talk to Katherine, she may request an item from the surface, paying two coal stone spirits for the delivery.

She may ask for the following:

By equipping leather boots and an iron hatchet, the player may bring 2 spades, hammers, tinderboxes and leather boots, and 3 of each other item, and an extra of the item last requested. This will generally yield 30-36 coal stone spirits per trip. However, as it takes several minutes to reach Katherine from the south-east bank in East Ardougne, players may find it more worthwhile to simply mine coal.

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References[edit | edit source]

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