Karamja Volcano mine

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The Karamjan Volcano mine is a small mine located in the dungeon underneath Karamja Volcano.

It is filled with level 15 skeletons (aggressive against players under level 30) and level 44 giant bats (aggressive against players under level 88). The latter is large and can be trapped by rocks and other obstacles; however, if trying to evade them, it is important to never attack them over an obstacle, which would cause them to attack you with magic. Otherwise, they can only use melee and cannot hit you if trapped. There are level 95 deadly red spiders to the west, but they are not aggressive.

Although it is one of only a handful of Runite mines in free-to-play, it is rarely used unless the player is under 60 Mining, as it is quite remote; the Mining Guild is closer to a bank and free of monsters. The advantage for members is that this mine is quite close to the TzHaar bank using the city entrance on the surface. For non-members, they can teleport to the Port Sarim lodestone, and an explorer's ring 3 allows unlimited teleports to the Falador cabbage patch. Both are fairly close to the Metal bank in the middle of Port Sarim, as well a the ship that would take you back to Karamja.

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