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Kami-shima is an island in The Shield and the largest island of the Wushanko Isles. It is unlocked on the player-owned ports map after the final trio voyage between the Tengu, the Exile, and the Memory and can be briefly visited during Once Upon a Time in Gielinor: Finale quest.

History[edit | edit source]

In a period of time before the Time of the Dragonkin and the First Age, known as the Time of the Colossi, a powerful nexus of anima existed on Kami-shima. Animals infused with the energies from the nexus became the colossi, gaining power and, in time, intelligence. In the process of exploring their new identity, four colossi originating from Kami-shima, Seiryu the Azure Serpent, Byakko the White Tiger, Suzaku the Vermillion Bird and Genbu the Black Tortoise, became inspired by the beliefs of nearby humans and took the roles of the elemental Wushanko Guardians to give their divinity a purpose.[1]

The island was kept secret and hidden by the Gu in order to protect the sea creatures that originated from it. It was shrouded in protective wards and surrounded by a barrier of anima, which is also believed to be responsible for the lack of interference from the gods in the region, acting similarly to the Edicts of Guthix.[2]

During the Sixth Age Davosi, former Bandosian head diviner, devised a plan to create a weapon, Scarecrow, able to kill the World Guardian. He used the energy of the sea creatures to power it but to finish his plan he sought Kami-shima and its energy to power the device, willing to drain the entire island of anima.[3][4] Three adventurers who the World Guardian met in their port, Honovi, the Exile, Kami, the Memory and Sojobo and Shanao, the Tengu, learned of Davosi's plans and the existence of Kami-shima. Though the seasingers were unwilling to reveal what the name means, despite being scared of Davosi, the trio learned of the island from the Gu, who reluctantly shared their knowledge, convinced by the Kami's kinship with the sea creatures.[5][6] The adventurers devised a battle plan, but prevented the portmaster from getting involved and risking their life. With the support of the seasingers, who faced Davosi's fleet, and the Gu warriors on land the trio faced the diviner.[7] The island itself aided the defenders, sending shi-guardian lions to help.[8] Davosi was defeated and the weapon destroyed, with Kami returning most of the anima back to the island. However some of the energy stayed with her and connected all three adventurers to the island, making them its guardians. It also reinvigorated Shanao.[9]

At some point in the future, a group of criminals known as Tiger's Claw, were trying to seize the foo lions to make supposed homeopathic medicine. Relomia teamed up with the three guardians and Kami's pet lion, Fraji, to convince the island's spirits to crate an anima guardian to protect the lions. However Kami died when trying to solve the puzzle opening the door in the Sanctuary of the Four Winds leading to the heart of the island and appeared in the Closure's study. In order to help Relomia be a better protector and to save their friends, the World Guardian entered the memory of Kami-shima and showed Relomia how to use the strengths of each ally to overcome the threat and undo their untimely deaths.[10][11]

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Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 31 January 2022 (Update):
    • The Kami-shima sanctuary was visible from The Arc world map. This was unintended and has now been fixed.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • 'Kami' (神) means 'god' and 'spirit' in Japanese; 'shima' (島) means 'island'.

References[edit | edit source]

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