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Kaleef's body is the corpse of the Al Kharidian spy and former owner of the Keris.[1] His corpse can be found at the bottom of the Sophanem Dungeon during Contact!.

Kaleef was dispatched by Osman to contact Maisa, and also to relief her of her espionage duties.[2][3] Traversing to the bottom-most level of the dungeon, he met his end while fighting the Giant scarab, but not before puncturing its shell through a combination of his special dagger and fighting techniques he picked up from Osman.[4][5]

His death is briefly mentioned during Dealing with Scabaras by Maisa. While blaming Osman for his demise, she plans revenge against the scarabs and asks the player to eliminate any they see.[6][7][8]

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References[edit | edit source]

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