Kal'gerion gem rock

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Kal'gerion gem rock was significantly altered after an update.
This article is retained to provide information on past elements of RuneScape.

A Kal'gerion gem rock was a unique type of gem rock in the Kal'gerion resource dungeon that yielded gems, rather than ore, when mined. This gem rock in the Kal'gerion dungeon was replaced by a rare gem rock in the same location as part of the Mining and Smithing rework on 7 January 2019. The replacement rare gem rock still gives gems when mined but fuctions differently to the Kal'gerion gem rock that it replaced.

Level 90 Dungeoneering was required to enter the resource dungeon that contained this gem rock. Before the Mining and Smithing rework, they were the only rocks to contain uncut dragonstone. At least 50 Mining was required to mine these rocks, and they granted 75 experience, regardless of the type of gem mined. The chance of mining an additional ore while wearing Varrock armour did not apply to gem rocks.

Based on a sample of 1,000 consecutively mined gems at Kal'gerion resource dungeon without a charged amulet of glory, the chance of mining each type of gem was as follows:

Gem type Approx. chance
Uncut opal 28.9%
Uncut jade 21.8%
Uncut red topaz 9.9%
Uncut sapphire 16.2%
Uncut emerald 12.6%
Uncut ruby 5.4%
Uncut diamond 3.3%
Uncut dragonstone 1.9%

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