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The Killer Gentoo Penguins (KGP) are an organisation of penguins found on the Iceberg featured in the Penguin quest series. The KGP are perhaps the largest penguin organisation in RuneScape, though the size of the Fettuccine Mafia is currently unknown. Its goal is to destroy all humans and take over Gielinor. The true name of the organisation has never been spoken by an NPC, and has only been inferred from examining a KGP Agent, which reads "A killer gentoo penguin". Their enemies include the walrus, the PBJ, the FBI and the PWNED.

The KGP was founded by The Pescallion after the signing of the Treaty of Barnaculas the Great. Penguins used to live in peace with polar bears, but the notorious walrus and his seals put an end to this with their much more brutal slavery. The polar bears and the walrus then signed the treaty to establish that the bears would rule the land and the seals the sea, thus depriving the penguins of all rights. The Pescallion and his sons then proceeded to seek bases from where to operate. The goal of the KGP became to overthrow the bears and seals.

The KGP currently has 11 agents patrolling RuneScape in various disguises as an attempt to gather information about the civilisations they will be fighting. In their way stands Larry, the paranoid zoo-keeper, and the PBJ, a group of undercover polar bears working with Larry to foil the plans of the penguins. Players can spy on the disguised penguins as part of the Penguin Hide and Seek distraction and diversion.

The KGP are considered masters of interrogation, and will not tolerate traitors. Currently in their employ are a group of dwarves who disbanded from The Red Axe because they felt its actions were too slow. The dwarves have been able to engineer a large submersible penguin called the Red Raktuber. This submarine, however, escaped their control due to the hijacking of its captain, Captain Marlin, by the sea slugs. The dwarves appear to have been working on a more versatile version.

It is possible to hunt KGP agents in the Penguin Hunting Area near their headquarters on the Iceberg with a minimum Hunter level of 45, increasing up to 56 depending on the method of trapping used. However, these KGP penguins are hidden amongst other penguins, so players would not be able to tell if they are agents or ordinary penguins until they are caught. Any agents caught may be handed over to the nearby PBJ agent Jim for 2 hunter experience.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The KGP is based on the KGB (Russian: КГБ or Komitet gosudarstvennoy bezopasnosti translated The Committee of Government Safety), the national security agency of the former USSR.
  • The Gentoo penguin is a type of penguin species recognised by the "wide white stripe extending like a bonnet across the top of its head". The KGP are most likely based on this species of penguin.
  • During the The General's Shadow, after the player mentions to Sin Seer that they need help "joining a bad guys group", she will guess the penguins among a few other groups of notoriously bad people.
  • During Back to the Freezer it was mentioned The KGP once went on a trip to Tenner Reef.