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A Jungle eagle is a giant bird used as a transportation medium between Eagles' Peak and the Feldip Hunter area. The Eagle transport system can only be used after the completion of the Eagles' Peak quest. To travel using this bird a rope must be used on it, to lasso it around its neck.

It is located past the stone door, inside the Eagles' Peak dungeon and also in the Feldip Hunter area. They can be used to travel between each other. With the introduction of rope racks, ropes can be obtained from the dungeon, removing the requirement of having to bring your own rope. Another rope rack may be created at the Feldip Hunter area. It requires a saw, hammer, five coils of rope, and three teak planks to build. The toolbelt works for the saw and hammer.

The Jungle eagle's cave in Feldip Hunter area can be accessed once the player nurtures the young vine with either a garden cane (from Fenkenstrain's Castle), a thatch spar (from Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup), or a teasing stick (used in the Hunter skill and can be bought from Aleck's Hunter Emporium and Nardah Hunter Shop; recommended as it is easy to get).

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