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Panasonic Jungle.jpg

The Jungle was a planned portable games console by Panasonic which was officially announced in October 2010. With a clamshell design, it was developed as a portable platform for MMOs such as RuneScape. The Jungle would have been Panasonic's first attempt at creating a handheld console.[1][2] It was expected to be released in mid-2011, however, on March 1, 2011, Panasonic announced the cancellation of the project, "due to changes in the market".[3]

RuneFest preview[edit | edit source]

A few days before RuneFest 2010 a small selection of players were invited to a secret testing session where the Jungle was revealed. This feedback session was run as part of a focus group where potential purchases were asked about their gaming habits and how they felt abut RuneScape on a handheld. The actual name of the device was not revealed until the official announcement.

Games[edit | edit source]

Four games were announced for the release of the Jungle in October 2010:[4]

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