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Juggle is a circus trick used during Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza in the Agility section. Its suggested level and experience earned depends on the item being juggled. This emote can only be used on the tight rope.

The items that may be used to juggle are as follows:

Image Type Level Experience
Balls (level 10 approx.).png Balls 10 312
Plates (level 20 approx.).png Plates 20 417
Eggs (level 30 approx.).png Eggs 30 830
Knives (level 40 approx.).png Knives 40 833
Spades (level 50 approx.).png Spades 50 1042
Tuna (level 60 approx.).png Tuna 60 1354
Soap (level 70 approx.).png Soap 70 1354
Cannon balls (level 80 approx.).png Cannon balls 80 1354
Torches (level 90 approx.).png Torches 90 1354
Chinchompas (level 99 approx.).png Chinchompas 99 1354

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