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This article is about jobs offered by citizens. For job titles in clans, see Jobs (Clan).
For "jobs" given by God Emissaries, see God Emissaries/Tasks.
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Jobs were removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Jobs is a discontinued activity in which RuneScape players did various tasks for the citizens of Lumbridge and Draynor Village in exchange for a reward. The activity was removed by Jagex on 17 September 2009, although it was still playable through a very limited number of employers until 25 May 2010.

A player could only take 6 jobs every hour of being online. Jobs were counted regardless of whether or not they were completed.

Employers[edit | edit source]

None of the employers give jobs any more due to Jagex's updates. They weren't all removed at once, presumably due to an oversight. When the last employer was retired by an update on 25 May 2010, the patch notes simply stated "Removed some old chat from Donie."

  1. ^ Aggie remained an employer after 17 September 2009, but stopped giving jobs after an update on 23 September 2009.
  2. ^ Ned remained an employer after 17 September 2009, but stopped giving jobs after an update on 23 September or 20 October 2009.
  3. ^ a b Gillie Groats and Millie Miller remained employers after 17 September 2009, but stopped giving jobs after an update on 15 December 2009.
  4. ^ Donie remained an employer after 17 September 2009, but stopped giving jobs after an update on 25 May 2010.

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tasks were always within the skill capabilities of the player they were given to. A task list would be given to the player to help them keep track of the task. When the task was complete, players could return to their employer for payment.

There were three types of task players were be asked to perform:

Production[edit | edit source]

These jobs required you to bring a number of a certain item, which could be noted, to your employer. It was usually 10-16 for less complicated tasks and 22-26 for the complicated tasks which required 2 or more ingredients, such as bronze bars, which require copper ore and tin ore. They varied from very simple tasks which could be done in a few moments to more complicated tasks which needed the player to gather resources before Smithing, Crafting or Cooking them into other items.

Melee Armour and Weapons


Leather Products and Raw material (22-28)

Fish (12-28)

Baked foods (12-26)

Cooked Foods (Around 25)

Logs (22-28)

Ores (22-28)

Bars and Symbols

Other items

Bone-burying[edit | edit source]

Some tasks required players to bury a certain number of bones (22-26) in a specific location.


Combat[edit | edit source]

Much like the Slayer skill, players could be asked to rid the world of a certain number of creatures. 22 to 28 kills were required per task, and all the creatures were relatively easy to kill (level 14 scorpions being the most powerful).


Rewards[edit | edit source]

Players were always paid for their efforts in coins. For production or bone-burying tasks, the amount they were paid was equal to if they had sold the items for the minimum price on the Grand Exchange. Combat tasks paid a certain number of coins per creature killed.

Every fifteen jobs, players were additionally rewarded with an antique lamp which granted 25 times a chosen skill's level in experience for that skill. Players received the message: "You receive x coins for your work. You also receive an XP lamp for completing 15 tasks."

Update history[edit | edit source]

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  • patch 25 May 2010 (Update):
    • Lingering access to jobs removed from game.
      • This was only references with the patch note: "Removed some old chat from Donie."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On 17 September 2009, most of the NPCs, such as the Lumbridge Skill Tutors, Mikasi, Nemarti, and Harlan, stopped offering jobs. This unexpected update was met with very little positive reception from both members and free players.
  • If you took some noted and un-noted versions of the same item to an employer, the employer would take the un-noted item over the noted item if you have more than required.
  • When asked to slay giant spiders as a task, the kills would not register and would not be taken note of in your task list. Therefore, the player would not be able to complete the task.
  • When asked to slay giant rats as a task, only killing the level 2 or 3 giant rats would register.
  • When asked to collect logs, only generic logs were accepted. Those logs with names were assigned as other jobs.
  • If you logged out while killing a certain number of creatures, your creature count would be reset and would not increase until you talked to Donie again, asking for a new job then agreeing to finish the one you've got.
  • Non-members could be asked to bring items like Leather Coifs, which can only be crafted by members. Non-members could still purchase them from the Grand Exchange, though doing so at the minimum price was the only way not to lose money in the equation, as Donie would only pay the minimum GE price.
  • Jobs were a dependable source of experience lamps, which could be used to train difficult skills like Prayer.
  • Players who had a task list in their bank or inventory prior to the update removing jobs still had it afterwards, making it a discontinued item.

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