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The Jatizso dungeon mine is an mine located underneath the island of Jatizso. As The Fremennik Isles must be started in order to access Jatizso, the quest is an indirect requirement to access the mine.

The entrance to the mine is guarded by Gruva Patrull, located just outside the western gates of Jatizso. The mine is inhabited by several miners. Additionally, the northern half of the mine is occupied by several Ice troll males (melee) and Ice troll females (ranged) and ice troll runts. The trolls can and do attack and kill the miners (which have 1 life point and dies to one hit) within their reach.

The mine contains 19 coal and 28 mithril rocks. This site may prove useful, given the distance to the bank. During The Fremennik Isles, King Gjuki Sorvott IV can demand either coal or mithril be handed in, which can be mined here.

The Jatizso dungeon elite mine can be found by crossing the slippery log to the south-east of the dungeon, accessible only when wearing Fremennik boots 4 after completing the Fremennik Province achievements.

The music track Major Miner is unlocked in this mine.

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