Jagex Moderator Outfit

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Rotten potato.png The subject of this article can only be used by Jagex Moderators.
It cannot be obtained by conventional methods and is not designed for use by players.

The Jagex Moderator Outfit is an armour set that can only be obtained by Jagex Moderators. It was first released in the Evolution of Combat Beta, and it is the best armour in the game.

Every piece of the outfit is all-class. In addition to armour and life points, the Mod body also confers +60 to every style's damage stat. The outfit has armour and life point bonuses equivalent to armour that would typically require level 99 in a combat skill to use, such as the tier 11 equipment found in Daemonheim.

On 17 July 2012, a recoloured derivative of the Jagex Moderator Outfit was made available to normal players in the form of the Assassin Outfit, sold from Solomon's General Store. The Assassin Outfit differs in appearance to the Jagex Moderator Outfit mainly in the replacement of the gold moderator crown on the cape with a pair of crossed blades, but also in slight alterations to the buckles, as well as being a cosmetic override without any stats.

The examine message of the armour reads "Makes you feel like a mod."

Stats[edit | edit source]

AttributeStyle bonus
Mod hat.pngHat606.2600----
Mod cape.pngCape90.9-----
Mod body.pngBody697.11200-
Mod legs.pngLegs666.8900----
Mod gloves.pngGloves151.5-----
Mod boots.pngBoots151.5-----

Gallery[edit | edit source]