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Jagex Moderator Events are a type of regular, usually weekly, events ran by Jagex Moderators. They are community events that have no impact on the main game, and are held usually for around an hour.

The events are started by a JMod placing down a J-Mod lodestone in a specific world, allowing anyone in that world to teleport there using the Lodestone Network. Details of scheduled events can be found by hovering over the star icon next to the interface clock. Players participating in JMod events are encouraged to join the Mod Events friend chat, created by Jagex.

The majority of events are ran using the Pickled cabbage, which contains a list of Community created scenarios which can be used.

It is common for Jagex Moderator events to be streamed to the RuneScape Twitch channel.

When an event is live, an in-game message will appear on the respective world: A Jagex Moderator has placed a lodestone to an event. Click your world map or home teleport button to join in!

Types[edit | edit source]

Boss masses[edit | edit source]

There are regular boss mass events, where players can join in with Jagex Moderators to fight many of the game's bosses and earn experience, aswell as potential drops. Common bosses for these events include King Black Dragon, Kalphite King, and Vorago.

Toolbox[edit | edit source]

As Jagex Moderators have access to the JMod Toolbox, there is a range of different functions available to them that allows the ease of being able to interact with the players at events. Toolbox events encourage interaction and allows for the ability to meet other players while having fun and potentially receiving rewards.

Faction PvP[edit | edit source]

Faction PvP is a rare event that can be triggered by JMods via an interface. They have the ability to select two factions, such as Zamorak and Zaros, and create a player versus player scenario. Objectives can also be added, such as mining resources in order to score points for your faction. Elite NPCs represent each faction, for example The Delicious Destructor represents Brassica Prime.[1]

Minigames[edit | edit source]

Minigame events happen regularly. They provide entertainment, as well as give the ability for players to receive the minigame's rewards (if any) faster and in a more enjoyable way. Common minigames for these events include Castle Wars, Pest Control, Heist and Fist of Guthix.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • JMod events have been known to provide rewards such as cosmetic items for participating.
  • During the RuneScape Road Trip, JMod events were held to allow players to receive stamps.

References[edit | edit source]

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