Jagex Clan Cup 2010

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Jagex Clan Cup 2010 can no longer be entered.
This competition occurred in the past. This article or section has been retained for historical purposes.

The Jagex Clan Cup 2010 was a competition in which various clans competed against one another. It was announced on 18 June 2010,[1] with registration taking place between Saturday 19th June 12:01 AM BST and Friday 25th June 11:59 PM BST.[1] The competition lasted seven weeks.[2]

This was the second Jagex Clan Cup, after the first one in 2009 and involved three major competitions: Main Combat Cup, Skilling Sup and Combined Cup. It also included several combat subdivisions: 20v20, Pay-to-Play, Community Clan, Over 115 Combat and Pure.

Winners[edit | edit source]

The winners were announced on 12 August 2010.[2]

  • Winner of the Main Combat Cup: RuneScape Dinasty
  • Winner of the Skilling Cup: Divination
  • Winner of the Combined Cup: Basedin2minutes

Combat subdivisions[edit | edit source]

  • Winner of 20v20 Subdivision: Future of Old Style
  • Winner of Pay-to-Play Subdivision: Reign of Terror
  • Winner of Community Clan Subdivision: Titans Revolution
  • Winner of Over 115 Combat Subdivision: RuneScape Dinasty
  • Winner of Pure Subdivision: Mayhem Makers

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Each of the winning clans were inscribed on the Clan Cup plaque. Additionally, one member of each clan was given lifetime membership and a trip to Jagex HQ.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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