Jagex Clan Cup 2009

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Jagex Clan Cup 2009 can no longer be entered.
This competition occurred in the past. This article or section has been retained for historical purposes.

The Jagex Clan Cup was introduced in 2009 as an event involving a number of clans competing against each other, organised on the RuneScape Forums. When the event was over, an update announcing the winners was posted. The second was held in 2010.

This was the first Jagex Clan Cup and involved three separate competitions:

  • Combat Cup - a PvP competition held in the free-to-play safe version of the Clan Wars minigame. No returning was allowed and there was no player cap.
    • The winner was The Titans who defeated the other finalist, Damage Incorporated.
  • Skilling Cup - The goal was for 10 players from each clan to achieve the highest experience average in 5 hours of gameplay between all the 84 competing clans. The Cup was held over a period of two weeks and every week a different skill was picked. No brawling gloves nor Stealing Creation reward items could be used.
    • The winner was Divination who achieved an average of 71,146 experience per hour, followed by The Experts, who achieved an average of 67,551 experience per hour, and Malkavian Scourge came third with 66,694 experience an hour.
  • Combined Cup - 20 players from each clan competed in Stealing Creation.
    • The winner was Wicked Fury with 28,215 points, who beat the other finalist, God Hunters, with 16,845 points.