Jagex Clan Cup

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The Jagex Clan Cup is an annual community event hosted by Jagex, and occasionally players on their behalf, that brings clans together to battle it out in a series of challenges.

The first Clan Cup to be held was the Jagex Clan Cup 2009, which included competitions based around combat, skilling, and experience. There was no prize for winning it, however prizes were included in the following years' competitions.

There have been times that Jagex chose not to host an official Clan Cup, in 2013 and 2016. The running of those events were taken over by players, notably volunteer Forum Moderators and Player Moderators. While the competitions weren't officially ran by Jagex, they gave guidance and promotion for them, and allowed for prizes to be given to winning clans the same way they would if it was an official event.

List of Clan Cups[edit | edit source]

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Winners of the most recent Clan Cup are added to the Clan Cup plaque in-game, and may also receive additional awards such as custom logos in clan citadels and on clan vexillums.