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The reset time for jadinkos is the same as weekly resets; Wednesday 00:00 UTC. (Players need to be aware of the weekly reset for their geographical location.)

Jadinko hunting is a weekly Distractions and Diversions for Witchdoctor clothing and farming, hunter, or herblore experience.

Ten Regular jadinkos[edit | edit source]

If the player catches all ten types of regular jadinkos in the same week, a dialogue box from Papa Mambo will appear regarding the reward - experience and a witchdoctor top or bottom when you meet with him.

If using regular Marasamaw plants, the three tracking jadinkos (Shadow, Diseased, and Camouflaged) will not count if caught on Anachronia, and must be caught within Herblore Habitat.

If using Protean traps, the three tracking jadinkos will be counted if caught on Anachronia.

Anachronia strategy[edit | edit source]

The jadinkos on Anachronia are easier to catch as they can be caught with just a Marasamaw plant or Protean trap without changing habitats or noose wand hunting. The Cannibal, Aquatic, Camouflaged and Draconic jadinkos require a dose of Juju hunter potion applied to a vine blossom nearby. Each dose lasts 10 minutes and affects every vine blossom on Anachronia.

Jadinkos on Anachronia require hunter levels from 80 to 90, meanwhile their counterparts in the Herblore Habitat require 70 to 80. An Extreme hunter potion may help. The estimated time to catch all ten jadinkos is 6–10 minutes depending on the availability of Surge, Double Surge, or Mobile.

Refer to the image for the fastest routes to the jadinkos, starting at the Lodestone (activated by building it).

Herblore Habitat strategy[edit | edit source]

It is possible to use the Herblore Habitat to hunt your ten regular jadinkos, with added steps.

Three God jadinkos[edit | edit source]

If the player catches all three of the God jadinkos in the same week, another dialogue box from Papa Mambo will appear regarding the option to receive another reward - which will be 50% of the regular jadinko reward as well as the Witchdoctor mask. If the player catches the God jadinkos before catching the regular ones, the player will not get a message from Papa Mambo about collecting all the God jadinkos, but the player can still claim the bonus reward after all 10 regular jadinkos are caught.

God jadinkos require level 81 hunter to catch. The estimated time to catch all three is under 20 minutes, or 10 minutes if the bush seeds are already owned.

Items needed: (purchaseable from Papa Mambo, except for the potion)

Possible items needed: (likely to need 1-3 of each)

God jadinkos strategy[edit | edit source]

Find the correct combination of habitat features for the God jadinkos that week. There are only a handful of combinations and you may get lucky. You can 'use' a spade on a patch to clear it early. Empty patches (except the coloured vine blossom) can be a requirement.

Tip: After seeing the message "You have met x requirements for a God jadinko", it helps to write down what is in the patches to keep track.

Do not water the patches as it delays the "met x requirements" messages.

  • Plant 1 of the vine blossom seed colours. Each of the 3 colours will be used for a random God jadinko.
    • Use a dose of the juju hunter potion on it. A dose lasts 10 minutes and persists through clearing the patch.
  • Cycle through the middle build features ('empty', and the others), until a "met x requirements" message appears.
  • Cycle through the fruit trees ('empty', apple, banana, orange)
    • The correct fruit tree will be the same for all 3 God jadinkos
  • Cycle through the bushes ('empty', lergberry, kalferberry)

After meeting 4 requirements, a message will appear and God jadinkos will spawn on the small island across the vine bridge. Go catch one!

Repeat with the other 2 vine blossom seed colours. If low on bush seeds, you can re-use the one in the bush patch and cycle the other features.

Troubleshooting, if no messages are appearing:

  • Check if there's an active dose of juju hunter potion on the vine blossom patch.
  • The "You have met x requirements" message can be delayed and missed if the vine blossom patch has water in it. Cycling through habitat features slower can help.
  • The "You have met x requirements" message won't always appear a second time if you cycle past it, so it helps to write down the successful patch combos as you get them.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Experience[edit | edit source]

If the player catches all the jadinkos but does not claim the reward from Papa Mambo, the reward will be lost at the next reset.

The formula is , where x is the skill level.

Templates used
Herblore Habitat calc
 template = Template:Herblore Habitat calc
 form = shf
 result = shr 
 param = 1|Skill's Level||int|1-99
Calculator is loading...
0 Experience Points

Extra experience in Herblore Habitat[edit | edit source]

In addition to the "chunk" experience bonus given by Papa Mambo for catching all three god jadinkos in a given week, there is a thirty minute experience bonus given to all Herblore Habitat related Hunting, Farming, and Herblore training. This time begins when the player collects the chunk experience bonus, and ends prematurely if the player logs, so only collect the reward when ready to use the thirty minutes. The bonus experience depends on the witchdoctor clothing worn, with the mask and top giving 2% each and the legs 1%.

Witchdoctor camouflage gear[edit | edit source]

A player wearing full Witchdoctor gear

On any week that the player catches all of the normal jadinkos at least once, the player will have a random chance to get either the witchdoctor legs or witchdoctor robes regardless of what piece(s) the player has already obtained.

The witchdoctor mask can be received when the player has managed to catch three different God jadinkos in the same week they caught the ten regular types of jadinkos.

If the player already owns one or more Witchdoctor masks, the player will not receive an additional one after capturing all the normal and god jadinkos. It is helpful to have a Witchdoctor mask stored in the bank for quick teleporation to Herblore Habitat and another to complete the Witchdoctor Camouflage gear set stored in the costume room of the player-owned house. The drop trick can be used to bypass this restriction.

In order to obtain all 3 pieces, the player must have 55 Agility, 81 Hunter, 77 Farming, 54 Herblore and optionally 80 Construction (or money to pay for environmental features to be built). Boosts and assists can be used for Construction, but assists cannot be used to bypass the Farming requirement as the Kalferberry and Lergberry seeds are untradeable. Players can only receive one piece of either witchdoctor robes/legs during the same week and it is not uncommon for a player to get the same piece multiple weeks in a row.

The Witchdoctor camouflage gear set can be stored in the armour case of the player's costume room in the player-owned house. All three items are stored together.

After obtaining one or more pieces of the witchdoctor armour, if a player talks to Pauline Polaris at the Livid Farm on Lunar Isle, they will receive Mambo's potion. When consumed, Mambo's potion will grant the player an extra 3,000 Farming experience. The player may only receive the potion after having watched the Livid Farm introduction.

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