Jade Straits

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Jade Straits is a narrow pass in The Scythe region of the Wushanko Isles that has been the scene of many battles. It is now used by jade traders.

The village of Han Lun is found here. Plague and zombies are also common, for an unknown reason. Foul-stinged rays are also found in the waters here.

Voyages[edit | edit source]

  • In A Zombie Problem? the player sends a ship to help the people of the Jade Straits with their zombie problem.
  • In Troubled Waters the player sends a ship to navigate through a thunderous storm that hangs permanently over the southern side of the Jade Straits to find a quicker route to a cherrywood grove on the east.
  • In Supply and Demand the player sends a ship to either protect the merchants who travel this area from shark-riding seasingers, or fight off the swarming foul-stinged rays to protect trade routes that have come under attack.
  • In The Cure the player sends a ship to find an old remedy, lost on a wrecked ship in the Jade Straits, to save the people of Han Lun, who have become afflicted with a plague.
  • In Sink 'em the player sends a ship to sink a Ship That Hovers on Water - belonging to exiled mercenaries - north of the Jade Straits.
  • In A Joint Acquisition, the Whaler and the Biologist have tracked down a big surplus of plate in the Blackened Sea, south of the Jade Straits.
  • In Ramraid, the Whaler attempts to ambush Shuma in the Jade Straits. After completing Ramraid, the description is updated to include that information.