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This article is about the quest item. For a list of all items in RuneScape, see here.
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The item list is a quest item a player can obtain during and after the Mourning's End Part II quest. The player meets a dwarf named Thorgel at the end of the puzzle in the Temple of Light, who will give the player a Death talisman in exchange for all of the items on the list. There are 50 items on the list in total. Buying a Death talisman from the Grand Exchange is highly recommended as it will cost less than the needed items, unless you obtain all of them yourself. Because most players don't collect the items on the list, and the item list serves no other purpose, it is usually destroyed.

It is possible to take all items in one load using a pack yak or by wearing and wielding four to six items and using a war tortoise. Rogue kits can also be used to conserve space. Otherwise, two trips will be required. Remember to turn the mirror towards the cyan door if you're travelling through the Temple of Light to Thorgel, otherwise you'll lock yourself out.

The list can be completed as many times as the player wants to receive as many death talismans as they want.

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Books[edit | edit source]

All of these books can be obtained from the bookcases in your house. Slashed/battered book is dependant on if the level of players completion of the elemental workshop quest series.

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