It Should Have Been Called Aetherium

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It Should Have Been Called Aetherium is an achievement that requires the player to unlock the ability to smith masterwork armour by making and upgrading to + 5 a full set of elder rune armour. This requires a total of 384 elder rune bars.

Armour piece Bars required
Elder rune full helm + 5.pngElder rune full helm + 5 64
Elder rune platebody + 5.pngElder rune platebody + 5 160
Elder rune platelegs + 5.pngElder rune platelegs + 5 96
Elder rune gauntlets + 5.pngElder rune gauntlets + 5 32
Elder rune armoured boots + 5.pngElder rune armoured boots + 5 32
Total 384

Trivia[edit | edit source]