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Isis is one of the roaming firemakers involved in the quest The Firemaker's Curse. Her personality can be described as loyal and friendly, albeit a bit spacey.[1]

Prior to the beginning of the quest, she experienced a reverie of an emotionless, male voice that drew her to the cave entrance, located south of Eagle's Peak.[2] According to the book A visit to an old friend, the male voice belonged to the Zarosian Mahjarrat, Sliske; although indirectly, it is further clarified that he did so through hypnotherapy in order to spy on Char.[3]

Little else is known about Isis, although it is implied through dialogue that she, at one point, had a somewhat normal upbringing, and lived with her brother and parents.[4] She joined Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza after she returned home from an outing and discovered her house had been burnt down, citing it as "her calling".[5] Whilst inquiring further regarding her visions, she claims that they happen on a weekly basis.[4]

She may die if the player fails to identify who is being possessed. Assuming she survives, she returns to the Circus. She has a flaming poi technique named after her, the Isis Spiral.

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  • She may be named after the goddess Isis, from the polytheistic pantheon of Egypt.
  • She may have arachnophobia, as when asked why she is risking her life she states curiosity of what is hidden unless if it's spiders.


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