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Iron bar detail.png

An iron bar is a bar of metal, refined through the Smithing skill by smelting 2 iron ores in a furnace, requiring 10 Smithing and granting 2 Smithing experience.

An iron bar can be forged on an anvil to create iron weapons and armour. A list of iron items that can be smithed from iron bars and the Smithing levels required can be found on the Smithing tables.

Smithing[edit | edit source]

Iron bar.png: Inventory image of Iron barIron bar
Smithing level Smithing 10
Used with Anvil, Furnace
Experience (per bar)
Smithing 40 XP
Equipment 3.12 XP
Experience (per ore)
Smelting 2 XP
Equipment 0.156 XP

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Smelting[edit | edit source]

Iron bar.png Iron bar
Smithing-Make-X GE icon.png
2 XP-836
Smithing Smithing level10
P2P icon.png Members onlyNo
Iron ore.pngIron ore2343686

Cost analysis[edit | edit source]

Method Cost Profit
Iron ore.png: Inventory image of Iron oreIron ore (Smithing) 686 150
Ring of forging.png: Inventory image of Ring of forgingRing of forging 353 483
Superheat Item.png: Inventory image of Superheat ItemSuperheat Item 1,368 -532

Disassembly[edit | edit source]

Update history[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Noted iron bars could occasionally be found inside barrels.
  • Before the Mining and Smithing rework, iron bars required level 15 Smithing and only one iron ore to be created. At that level, players had a 50% chance of failing the craft, losing materials and receiving no bars. That chance decreased 1% per level until reaching 20% at level 45. To obtain a 100% smelting sucess ratio, players needed to use Superheat Item, a ring of forging, the blast furnace or have 99 in Smithing.