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Introductory tasks was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.
This article is about the previous tutorial tasks system. For for the current tutorial tasks sytem, see Achievement Paths.

The Introductory Tasks were a set of tasks which make up the Tutorial, but were later removed. A guide to completing them can be found here.

Icon Task Name Description Required Items Rewards
A. Log.png Adventurer's Log Cut a log from a regular tree. Any hatchet. 2560 Coins
Twins.png Aren't They Supposed To Be Twins? Catch a crayfish. A Crayfish cage. 2560 Coins
Armed.png Armed And Dangerous Wield a melee weapon. Any melee weapon. (e.g. a Bronze dagger) 2560 Coins
Micro World.png A World In Microcosm Go somewhere using the minimap. None. 2560 Coins
Bar One.png Bar One Smelt a bronze bar. Some iron and tin ore. 2560 Coins
Bovine.png Bovine Intervention Kill a cow for its hide. None. (Optional: armour, food and a weapon. 2560 Coins
Cutting Edge.png Cutting Edge Technology Smith a bronze dagger. A Bronze bar and a hammer. 2560 Coins
Grab Cash.png Grab The Cash There's a small pile of coins on the ground near Explorer Jack's house. Click on it to pick it up. None. 2560 Coins
Wheels of Commerce.png Greasing The Wheels Of Commerce Sell an item to a shop. Any item. 2560 Coins
Handicraft.png Handicrafts Craft a pair of leather gloves. Soft leather, a needle and thread. 2560 Coins
Handy Dandy.png Handy Dandy Wear leather gloves to protect your hands. A pair of leather gloves. 2560 Coins
Hang On.png Hang On To Something Deposit an item into your bank. Any item. Completing this Task will give you an amount of money based on total Tasks completed, and a Magic staff
Heavy Metal.png Heavy Metal Mine some tin. Any pickaxe. 2560 Coins
How To Train.png How To Train And Level Reach Level 2 in Mining. Any pickaxe. 2560 Coins
Log-a-rhythm.png Log-a-rhythm Set fire to a regular log. A tinderbox and a pile of regular logs. 2560 Coins
Rich Man's World.png Must Be Funny In A Rich Man's World Claim a reward of at least 100 Coins from Explorer Jack. None. 2560 Coins
Nom Nom Nom.png Om Nom Nom Nom Eat food to heal (eating food while at full health will not count). Any food. (e.g. shrimps or crayfish) 2560 Coins
On the Run.png On The Run Run somewhere. None. 2560 Coins
On Your Way.png On Your Way Complete ten Tasks. None. 2560 Coins
Prayer.png Prayer Point Power Restore your prayer points. None. 2560 Coins
Hands Together.png Put Your Hands Together For... Activate any prayer. None. 2560 Coins
Rest Up.png Rest Up Take a rest by a Musician. None. 2560 Coins
Shellfish.png Shellfish Roasting On An Open Fire Successfully cook a crayfish. A raw crayfish. 2560 Coins
Skills.png Skills View the Woodcutting skill in the statistics window. None. 2560 Coins
Talk to Jack.png Talk To Explorer Jack Learn about Tasks rewards from Explorer Jack in his house in Lumbridge. None. Complete Tasks to earn coins, armour and other goodies. This Task will earn you some money
Tan Hide.png Tan Your Hide Have your cowhide tanned into soft leather. A cow hide and 1coin. 2560 Coins
No Place Like Home.png There's No Place Like Home Teleport using the Home Teleport spell. None. 2560 Coins
Blood Pact.png The Blood Pact Complete the Blood Pact quest. None. 1 Quest points; a sword, sling and magic staff; 100 Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged and Magic XP; access to the Lumbridge Catacombs dungeon
Restless Ghost.png The Restless Ghost Complete the Restless Ghost quest. None. 1 Quest points, 125 Prayer XP, and five Ancient bones that each give 200 Prayer XP
Tooling Up.png Tooling Up Acquire a free Pickaxe and Hatchet from Bob's Brilliant Axes in Lumbridge. None. 2560 Coins
You Can Bank On Us achievement icon.png You Can Bank On Us Talk to any banker - you can find one in Lumbridge Castle. None. Completing this Task will give an amount of money based on total Tasks completed, and a vial of Red dye
Intervention.png Intervention A Goblin is attacking a man in Lumbridge. Investigate the situation and intervene. None. (Optional: weapon, if you choose to attack. 2560 Coins
Escort.png Escort Duty Escort the wounded man from the crossroads in Lumbridge to Xenia in the graveyard, south of Lumbridge church. None. 2560 Coins
Add Water.png Just Add Water Make some soft clay while standing in the potter's house in Draynor. Some clay.
Clay of Champs.png Clay of Champions Mine some clay in the mining spot north of the Champions' Guild. Any pickaxe.
Commerce Break.png Commerce Break Visit the Grand Exchange. None.
Hotpot.png Hotpot Fire a pot in the pottery oven of the potter's house in Draynor Village. An unfired pot.
Beware of Pigzilla.png Beware of Pigzilla Visit Draynor Village market. None.
Very Potter.png Very Potter Make a pot on the potter's wheel in Draynor Village. Some soft clay.
Raise Roof.png Raise the Roof Raise the flag on the roof of the Lumbridge bank. None.
Sage Advice.png Sage Advice Talk to the Lumbridge Sage. None.
Strike a Pose.png Strike a Pose Have Thessalia show you what outfits you can wear. None.
Take Your Pick.png Take Your Pick Mine some copper in the mining spot to the south-east of Lumbridge Swamp. Any pickaxe.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • An earlier set of Introductory tasks had additional achievements, which were discontinued at an unknown point[which?]:
    • Just Can't Get the Staff - Equip a staff.
    • Come and Have a Go... - Kill a warped fly while fighting in a style which gives Strength experience.
    • Reach Out and Touch Someone - Equip a ranged weapon.
    • Three Rounds Rapid, Men - Kill warped bats in accurate, long-ranged and rapid styles.
    • Death from Above - Cast Wind strike at a dummy or hostile target
    • Flour Power - Obtain a pot of flour.
    • A Labour of Loaf - Bake a loaf of bread.
    • Cook's Assistant - Complete the Cooks Assistant quest.
    • On The Level - Gain ten levels across all your skills.
    • Rune Mysteries - Complete the Rune Mysteries quest.
    • Rune Memories - Complete the Rune Memories quest.
    • So That's What Ess Stands For - Mine some Rune essence or Pure essence.
    • Air Craft - Craft an Air rune at the Air altar.
    • I Wonder If It'll Sprout - Bury Bones to gain Prayer experience. (Scattering ashes also works).
    • Not What We Mean By Irony - Wield a melee weapon made of Iron.
    • All's Ferrous in Love and War - Wear a piece of armour made out of iron.
    • Am I a Blademaster Yet? - Kill a Giant Rat in each of the melee combat stances (Aggressive, Defensive, Controlled and Accurate)
    • First Blood - Level your Attack and Defence to 5.
    • Temper, Temper - Wield a weapon made of Steel.
    • Steel Yourself for Combat - Wear a piece of armour made of steel.
    • Ammo, Ammo, Ammo - Equip Iron arrows in your ammunition slot.
    • Take a Bow - Equip a Shortbow, Shieldbow and Crossbow.
    • Don't Bury this One - Obtain an Iron Hatchet.
    • Mace Invaders - Make a Bronze mace of your own.
    • Capital Protection, What? - Make a Bronze helm or Bronze full helm of your own.
    • Hack and Slash - Raise your mining skill to 5.
    • Berry Tasty - Bake a redberry pie.
    • It's Not a Red One - Cook a herring.
    • Made For Walking - Make a pair of Leather boots.
    • Did Anyone Bring Any Toast? Catch some sardines.
    • Not So Confusing After All - Cast the Confuse spell.
    • Absolute Enchanting - Successfully cast Lvl-1 Enchant on an item of jewellery.
    • Heart of Oak - Equip an oak shortbow, longbow, or signed oak bow.
    • Get the Point - Fire a steel arrow.
    • Dishwater - Drink a cheap beer.
    • Can't touch this - End a fight against an skeleton in Lumbridge Catacombs with as many life points as you started it.
    • Score three score - Increase your total level to 60.
    • Fledgeling Adventurer - Gain four quest points.
    • Myths of the White Lands - Complete the Myths of the White Lands quest.
    • Urning a Living - Make and activate an urn.
    • Investigate the corruption at the Nexus - Talk to Ysondria at the Nexus to find out more.