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Insulated boots are a piece of Slayer equipment worn to safely fight killerwatts, requiring a Slayer level of 37 to wear. They can be purchased from any Slayer Master for 200 coins.

When worn, killerwatts' very rapid and accurate ranged attacks could only deal a normal maximum of 88 damage. If insulated boots are not worn, their ranged attacks would instead always hit about 160-175 on every hit (other than misses; damage is lower with high Defence). However, it is possible to make them only use their extremely weak melee attacks. This makes the boots optional for high level players, but very useful for lower level players.

Insulated boots are also needed while in Zemouregal's base, a location utilised in The Curse Of Arrav quest and Mahjarrat Memories, to protect the player from the electrified sewer water.

Wearing insulated boots will reduce the Rex Matriarch Pthentraken's converging lightning damage by 85-90%.

Insulated boots are a cheap method to obtain powerful components through disassembly via Invention, due to low store price and fast restock rate.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Previously, if they are not worn inside the killerwatt plane, the player will sustain up to 1500 damage by the thunderclouds inside the area, although as of 2019 this effect appears to have been removed.