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Instant Demo was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

The Instant Demo was a game mode that was made to give people a chance to play on a smaller world with fewer quests, all without having to sign up. The feature was introduced on 29 March 2010 and was listed on RuneScape affiliate sites such as Solitaire Online and Miniclip. Once accessed, the instant demo was unlocked on the official RuneScape website. With the update on 21 April 2010 Instant Demo no longer needed to be "unlocked." Players were given access to 9 quests and a restricted world that did not have access to several main features including chat (needs age verification). During the tutorial the player was known as 'Adventurer'. However once in game, this changed to 'Player #' (Where # is changed to a random number). Instant Demo was played on World 901. The Instant Demo was later removed on 9 June 2010 for players who already have an active account on the non-demo version of RuneScape. However, players who had a save mode in instant demo, regardless of already having a normal RuneScape account, could access the instant demo. The demo accounts were no longer available to players who hadn't already created a demo account. On 6 October 2010 the ability to login to the demo was removed with The Void Stares Back update.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Instant Demo option on the game mode selection screen

Players play Unstable Foundations as the tutorial quest and have the option to play 8 other quests:

Skill cap reached
You have not been allowed to complete this quest; the reward would go to waste as you have reached the level cap for the demo. To gain more XP, access to other areas of the world and more content, simply create a free account.

The maximum quest points available is 19.

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

The map of all locations players could reach in the instant demo.
  • Players were limited to 9 quests and the tutorial quest and couldn't use the chat feature; they were restricted to quick chat only.
  • Players couldn't use their friend, ignore and clan chat lists.
  • Only the starting area was available, and it was isolated from the rest of the RuneScape world.
  • Players couldn't take part in most holiday events. However, they could talk to any NPC and receive any holiday items, as long as it was possible in the starting area.
  • Players' skills were capped at level 20.
  • Players did not have the ability to write notes.
  • Players had only 34 bank slots.
  • The Grand Exchange was disabled.
  • The Wealth cap was set at 200,000 coins, using the value given by the Grand Exchange. Players who had broken the cap were unable to pick up items and could not use the bank. This was often aggravating to pure Instant Demo players trying to maximise their bank.
  • The 5,000 Attack experience reward from Vampyre Slayer was not obtainable due to the level cap.
  • Although the Lumbridge achievement diary could be started, only the beginner tasks could be completed.
  • Because Nurmof is outside of the starting area, and Perils of Ice Mountain is unavailable, only bronze pickaxes could be obtained and used.
  • The best melee weapon in terms of damage per second in the demo was the mithril scimitar, only available through a mystery box from a random event. The best melee weapon in terms of strength and attack bonuses was the mithril 2h sword, also available from a mystery box. Steel and mithril armour were very rare too, moss giants dropped some pieces of these armour, although they had a combat level of 48 and were difficult to kill unless safespotted.
  • The only Runecrafting Altars available to Demo'ers were the Air and Water altars.
  • The only way to train Dungeoneering was from lamps which were even harder to obtain on Instant Demos.

Music[edit | edit source]

Only a small selection of music was available in the instant demo:

  1. Adventure
  2. The Adventurer
  3. The Art of Hocus-Pocus
  4. Artistry
  5. Autumn Voyage
  6. Barbarianism
  7. Bittersweet Bunny
  8. Book of Spells
  9. Cavernous Mythology
  10. Cellar Song
  11. Corporal Punishment
  12. The Dance of the Snow Queen
  13. Dead and Buried
  14. Diango's Little Helpers
  15. Dream
  16. The Duke
  17. Easter Jig
  18. Evil Bob's Island
  19. Expanse
  20. Flute Salad
  21. Forever
  22. Frogland
  23. Funny Bunnies
  24. Garden
  25. Ghost of Christmas Presents
  26. Greatness
  27. Grimly Fiendish
  28. Ground Scape
  29. Hare-brained Machines
  30. Harmony
  31. Harmony2
  32. Head to Head
  33. High Spirits
  34. Homescape
  35. Honky Tonky Medieval
  36. Honky Tonky Newbie Melody
  37. I'm Counting on You
  38. In the Clink
  39. Into the Abyss
  40. Itsy Bitsy...
  41. Jungle Bells
  42. Jungle Island XMAS
  43. Land of Snow
  44. Lazy Wabbit
  45. Looking Back
  46. Medieval
  47. The Mentor
  48. Newbie Melody
  49. The Pact
  50. Pheasant Peasant
  51. Pinball Wizard
  52. Poison Dreams
  53. The Quiz Master
  54. Rune Essence
  55. Scape Cave
  56. Scape Hunter
  57. Scape Main
  58. Scape Original
  59. Scape Santa
  60. Scape Scared
  61. Scape Summon
  62. Scape Theme
  63. School's Out
  64. Sea Shanty
  65. Sea Shanty XMAS
  66. Serene
  67. Silent Knight
  68. Smorgasbord
  69. Snack Attack
  70. Spirit
  71. Spooky
  72. Start
  73. Still Night
  74. The Trade Parade
  75. Time Out
  76. Tiptoe
  77. Trick or Treat?
  78. Unknown Land
  79. Vision
  80. Wander
  81. Winter Funfare
  82. Yesteryear
  83. Zealot

Update history[edit | edit source]

This information has been compiled as part of the update history project. Some updates may not be included - see here for how to help out!
  • patch 28 April 2010 (Update):
    • The instant demo is no longer available in languages which do not have a demo server.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When trying to access a tab, such as the friends list, one of the things it will tell you is that making a free account allows you to increase all of your skills to 99. This is not necessarily true with a free account, as a free account cannot raise member's only skills.
  • The maximum total level in the Demo version is 724.
  • When Instant Demo was released, World 901 (the world used for Instant Demo) was an option on the World Selection screen. However, attempting to log onto it would give the player an error message. This was later fixed.
  • An objective of over level 20 can be set, however achieving it is impossible, unless one of the five skills you can use the Assist System to train.
  • When setting an objective to 99, it will not say "You will be the master of ~skill~ and will be able to wear the skillcape.", instead, it will say "Levelling your ~skill~ will let you ---."
  • It is possible to get random events in the Demo version, although they are very rare. These random events have already occurred: Freaky Forester, Mime, Cap'n' Arrav, Frog Princess, Pinball, Lederhosen, Drunken dwarf (Walks around and gives out kebabs and beer), Prison Pete, Drill Demon and the Security Guard (Walks around).
  • The Cornucopia and the Lilies of the Valley are so far the only Holiday item available in the Demo. It is unknown whether or not the Flagstaff of Festivities is obtainable.
  • Players are unable to change their default gender, skin tone, shoes or armguards in the instant demo after creation of account. However, clothing can be changed for 1000 coins from Thessellia in Varrock.
  • A total of 38 Tasks can be completed in the Instant Demo.
  • The highest healing food in the Instant Demo is the Kebab, healing up to 300 life points.
  • The only guild that can be accessed in the Instant Demo is the Cooking Guild.

Adverts[edit | edit source]

Adverts were used to unlock instant demo mode on RuneScape.