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Insight Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invested in Jagex Ltd. in October 2005[2], and in December 2010 increased their investment as The Raine Group and Spectrum Equity Investors made initial investments.[3]

Insight Venture Partners secured a 35%[4] investment in Jagex in 2005, which had been self-funded until that point. Constant Tedder, then the CEO of Jagex, called Insight "one of the leading investment firms for software, content, and Internet enabled businesses." As part of the investment, Insight co-founder Jeff Horing and Vice President Alex Crisses joined Jagex's board of directors.

As part of a growth investment, Insight increased its investment to 55.45% as Raine and Spectrum joined. In a press release, Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard said "Insight has been part of the Jagex family for a number of years and it has been a real pleasure to serve alongside them on the Jagex board."[3] Tedder, Andrew Gower and Paul Gower left the board of directors as representatives from Raine and Spectrum joined.

In June 2016, Insight Venture Partners sold all of their stake to Shandong Hongda as part of a buyout of all parties invested in Jagex.

Insight Venture Capital is a privately owned company based in New York City whose other investments include Twitter, TeamViewer and Newegg.[5]


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