Inquisitior's Memoirs (page 7)

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This article is about the seventh page. For other pages, see Inquisitor's Memoirs.
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Inquisitior's Memoirs (page 7) can be obtained from excavating at the Senntisten Dig Site at the citizen remains excavation hotspot. Recovering this page along with the rest of the Inquisitor's Memoirs pages is a requirement for completing the Secrets of the Inquisition mystery.

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Inquisitor's Memoirs 7

We followed Sliske for some time, though Kolton refused to believe that his friend could possibly have anything to do with the heresy the whispering promised us. Sliske was a strange target to observe. His demeanour would flip, moment to moment, from jovial trickster entertaining the children on the street, to a ruthless sadist when interrogating someone. The transformation was so smooth, like a snake shedding its skin. It didn't even seem strange when you weren't studying it. But to us, as chroniclers of character, Sliske was a crazed mosaic of motivations. A thousand lies hiding countless others. I wonder if Sliske even knew his true self.

We followed him across the city, through the market, past the Colosseum and the Wards, finally coming to stop inside the Grand Cathedral's grounds. There he stopped, sitting at one of the pews as if in prayer. Sliske is many things, but devout is not one of them, and I was immediately suspicious of this change in personality. After a few minutes, he stood and walked over to one of the statues. With horror, I saw him take out the catalyst that would propel him into the same hidden realm as us.

In desperation, we ducked down behind the very pew Sliske had been praying in. There, I saw it. A note, carved in script that would be invisible in the mundane world, but was oh so visible now.

It was a single word that I had never seen or heard before.


When we emerged, Sliske had vanished, but there was a strange heaviness in the air. I looked closely at the statue he had been using and I felt a strange chill, as if the Shadow Realm were thicker there. Had Sliske found a way to journey deeper into this transcendant plane? I would have to follow him. I had to know more about this name and what it meant. Kolton agreed and together we began to research this deeper Shadow Realm.

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