Infiltration of Castle Drakan

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With the deaths of Ranis Drakan and Vanstrom Klause, Vanescula Drakan has managed to gain some control over Morytania and began placing Vampyres loyal to her, such as Overwatch Mornid in positions of power. Meanwhile, in the wake of Vanstrom's death, Safalaan went missing and Vertida Sefalatis took over operations for The Myreque.

Vanescula informed The Myreque that Lord Drakan would be making his first public appearance in a long time. The Myreque and Vanescula agree that if there was ever a time to carry out an attack, this would be it.

The Adventurer helps the Myreque gain Blisterwood weapons and disguises to enter the castle. The group, manages to gain some influence with the Vampyre nobility before Lord Drakan arrived. However, Drakan was aware that all of those present were human, and that Vanescula had planned to betray him, and had the entire group imprisoned.

The Adventurer managed to get from of their cell, and free the rest of The Myreque, as well as Mornid and Vanescula. But Lord Drakan had also planned for their escape and began a "hunt" with the aid of his Venators.

One by one, members of The Myreque and Overwatch Mornid were killed as the group worked their way up to the castle rooftop. There Lowerniel Drakan fought against the remainder. The battle on the roof eventually moved from Gielinor to Vampyrium, and at each stage, more of the party was killed, wounded, or lost, finally leaving the adventurer and a gravely wounded Lord Drakan to face off alone.

The Adventurer managed to kill Drakan and recover the tip of the Sunspear. Safalaan, Ivan, Veliaf, and Vanescula were the only other known survivors of the group. But before The Myreque could leave, Vanescula bit Safalaan and ordered the rest to leave before she would kill them as well.

The death of Lord Drakan allowed Vanescula to become the leader of Morytania, and draining Safalaan gave her the means to cross the River Salve. Also, Queen Efaritay manages to escape her dungeon.

With the deaths of so many members of the order, Veliaf disbands The Myreque and sends Ivan Strom to Paterdomus.