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The Infernal Puzzle Box is an item found in The Zamorakian Undercity, on the floor of a house near Sir Cadian. It is also a reward from the Daughter of Chaos quest, if a player had not obtained it prior.

It offers tiered benefits that can be unlocked by progressing through the Legacy of Zamorak storyline. Inspecting the box opens an interface showing the benefits it provides. Tasks are locked until the previous one is complete. The Infernal Puzzle Box has to be in the player's inventory to receive its benefits.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Content Tier Benefit Requirements and notes
Zamorak: Lord of Chaos 1 40% reduced environmental damage within Infernus Unlocked automatically
Daughter of Chaos 2 10% damage reduction and 5% increased damage dealt to monsters in the Wilderness. Also increases resistance to Infernus environmental damage to 45%. Completion of Daughter of Chaos
Wilderness Refresh 3 Your adrenaline will not drain outside of combat. (this effect is equivalent to Persistent Rage and even works outside the wilderness provided the puzzle box is in the player's inventory).

Also increases resistance to Infernus environmental damage to 50%, damage reduction in the Wilderness to 11% and damage dealt to monsters in the Wilderness to 6%.

Complete the Gross Misconduct achievement by killing 144 demons in the Wilderness
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