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Incantia is a magic ritual that is possibly a type of necromancy. Kardia used it to bind the "essence of life" to her effigy of Iban, as a step towards resurrecting him. Apparently the ritual is very intensive on the user, since Kardia claims that performing it knocked her unconscious and almost killed her. When the ritual was finished, she noticed three demons had been summoned to Iban's effigy in order to keep the summoned essence in him.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

  1. ^ History of Iban, written by Kardia, "Underground Pass", RuneScape. "Then came the hardest part, recreating the parts of a man that cannot be seen or touched: Those intangible things, the essence of life itself. Using mystical forces and under terrible strain, I performed the ancient ritual of Incantia, an undertaking so dark and so powerful, that the life was nearly stolen from my body. When I recovered, I saw three Demons summoned, standing in a triangle, their energy focused on the doll of Iban. These Demons were the keepers of Iban's shadow, forever bound to him."