Quick guide for In Memory of the Myreque

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This quest has an in-depth guide here.
It contains a more detailed description of dialogue, cutscenes, and storyline.

Overview[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz north of Canifis.
  • Wait one day for each of the 10 plinths to appear. You can either do one per day, or you can speak to Veliaf, wait 10 days, and build them all at once.
  • Build all ten statues on the statue plinths with two Granite (5kg) for each statue.
  • Add the following items to each statue along with a blisterwood sickle.
Name Item
Sani Piliu Pointed blamish blue shell
Harold Evans Nail beast nails
Andiess Juip Snakeskin body
Flaygian Screwte Ivandis flail
Kael Forshaw Rune armoured boots
Mekritus A'hara Mort myre pear
Radigad Ponfit Moonlight mead
Vertida Sefalatis Blisterwood stake-thrower crossbow
Polmafi Ferdygris Histories of the Hallowland
Safalaan Hallow Holy water
  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz.

Miniquest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

In Memory of the Myreque reward.png
  • 20,000 Construction experience
  • 10,000 Prayer experience
Early bird bonus

Players who completed statues between 12 April and 8 May 2016 received an Early Bird Bonus. Paying respects at each of the statues granted 1/40 of the total fixed experience rewarded from the Myreque quest series. Players could choose whether to gain combat experience or not when paying respects for the first time. The early bird reward for one statue was:

  • 725 Agility experience
  • 65 Attack experience
  • 15 Constitution experience
  • 1,950 Construction experience
  • 665 Crafting experience
  • 65 Defence experience
  • 500 Farming experience
  • 1,000 Fletching experience
  • 1,250 Hunter experience
  • 950 Magic experience
  • 50 Mining experience
  • 1,925 Slayer experience
  • 65 Strength experience
  • 150 Thieving experience
  • 1,250 Woodcutting experience

Paying respects at all ten statues in April 2016 gave the following 106,250 experience in total:

  • 7,250 Agility experience
  • 650 Attack experience
  • 150 Constitution experience
  • 19,500 Construction experience
  • 6,650 Crafting experience
  • 650 Defence experience
  • 5,000 Farming experience
  • 10,000 Fletching experience
  • 12,500 Hunter experience
  • 9,500 Magic experience
  • 500 Mining experience
  • 19,250 Slayer experience
  • 650 Strength experience
  • 1,500 Thieving experience
  • 12,500 Woodcutting experience

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

In Memory of the Myreque is not currently required for any quests or miniquests.