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The impling checklist tracks which implings you have caught in Daffyd's impling hunter challenge. You can get the checklist by talking to Daffyd in the Amlodd part of Prifddinas. As you catch implings (not opening jars, but actually catching them with Hunter), they will be crossed off of the checklist. Once you catch all 16 implings, you'll be given 50,000 Hunter experience and either double loot from implings or triple experience. Catching every impling requires 95 Hunter (the level required to catch crystal implings). This requirement is boostable.

The list is not required for caught implings to be counted toward the challenge. Implings caught before completion of Plague's End do not count.

Receiving any implings as a reward from the Motherlode Maw or Wythien will count towards the impling checklist.

Implings[edit | edit source]

Steve-o, a kingly impling

The implings a player catches will appear in his house, sitting around idly or flying about. They each have a unique name, and can be used to check which ones have been caught.

Name Impling Requirements
Johnny Snow impling 1 Hunter (During Going Like Clockwork)
Junior Baby impling 17 Hunter
Andy Young impling 22 Hunter
Joey Gourmet impling 28 Hunter
Trouble Earth impling 36 Hunter
Hingy Essence impling 42 Hunter
Zolty Eclectic impling 50 Hunter
Neil Spirit impling 54 Hunter
Yanny Nature impling 58 Hunter
Matty Magpie impling 65 Hunter
Stace Ninja impling 74 Hunter
Ian Pirate impling 76 Hunter (requires Rocking Out)
Jamie Divine impling 79 Hunter
Damo Dragon impling 83 Hunter
Xander Zombie impling 87 Hunter
Steve-o Kingly impling 91 Hunter
Stewie Crystal impling 95 Hunter

Rewards[edit | edit source]

After collecting all implings, Daffyd will reward players with the thinker robes and thinker trousers, a Hunter XP lamp that grants 50,000 Hunter experience, and will grant players the choice between getting triple experience for every time they catch an impling barehanded or double loot. After a player has chosen their reward, they may switch to the other one by talking to him, but they cannot have both active at once.

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